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#1 Re: Main Forum » Why I take a hands-off approach » 2020-06-27 07:07:21

jasonrohrer wrote:

Okay, let us count the n-word then.

In the current logs there are 100,000 utterances, which represents something like the past 30 or 40 hours.

The n-word was said 3 times.

The word "RAPE" was used 18 times.

I guess it's good to know where the priorities of the community lie....

And no, you can't play on multiple accounts without paying for each one.  I guess Bobo, if he really does have multiple accounts, has bought a bunch.

And no, there is NO way to block someone who goes and buys extra accounts.  This was an even bigger deal for The Castle Doctrine, where players could use secondary accounts to explore target houses without risking the savings in their main account.  Lots of people bought a second account for this purpose.

If you block double use of the same credit card, it prevents people from buying gifts for friends, and then can just go buy a gift cart to bypass this restriction if they really want to (and there's no way to block the same credit card on Steam, since the person can have multiple Steam accounts).

If you block IP address, it prevents people in the same house from playing (using shared public IP like everyone does through NAT), and a determined attacker can just use a VPN or even just go to the library or Starbucks.  And thanks to NAT, people's IP addresses change constantly, so if they buy a second account next month, it will likely be through a different IP anyway.

So then you're stuck, and you just have to acknowledge that multiple accounts are a reality.

It's kinda like DRM being fundamentally impossible.

When they say the N word they rarely outright say it, they say it with one less G, or a baby will type it out one letter at time or use other racist terms, or they make a swastika out of floor boards. Sadly I've never seen more racism in a game than here...and I've never seen so many people who are complicit and take no action when it does happen. At least give us a /mute command.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Could war ever be enjoyable gameplay » 2020-06-13 14:14:35

The aspect of war within this game COULD be fun but it hasn't been because it's not the focus of the game. The game is and is advertised to be about parenting and civilization building. Any new player who is learning cook then sees their family slaughtered is not going to have fun. They did not sign up to play a PVP game. Many of them probably quit during the Rift. That's the problem with war currently in this game, its fun to those doing the killing and it's not fun to everyone else and the result is people quitting the game...because that isn't the game they paid to play.

However if Jason launched a new game, a spinoff - OHOL: War Edition and civilization building was much easier and combat was the real goal so that all other gameplay aspects supported the war effort then yes that would potentially be a fun  game.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Trolling the trolls » 2020-06-09 14:19:29

FishRfriendsnotfood wrote:

but yet it affected your life enough to come and tell a forum about your defeat of someone you deem to be rude.  Next time buy your own gold stars and stick one on your 'I'm an important person' page whenever you want to puff out your chest.

No thanks, I'm stuck at home like most everyone else and if I want to come to the forums to share my experience with others who also play the game then I will. I've played so many damn lives where the town was griefed or stolen from or dealt with racist or sexist players, this time I had a small victory and wanted to share it.

#4 Re: Main Forum » tutorial for the love of god » 2020-06-07 19:43:12

Actually I don't think a tutorial is what you need, instead what we need is a better UI for recipies. Any other game would have real UI for a recipe book, that would have tabs for categories, such as (starter recpies, animals, building, cooking, forging, hunting, etc). It would be intuitive how to use it, it would have pictures with notes, you could mark your favorites, etc. But that is a TON of work for 1 person so it's unlikely to be made.

#5 Re: Main Forum » tutorial for the love of god » 2020-06-07 19:37:44

I used to teach new players how to care for berries, until things were changed. Now when I get a new player as a child I teach them 2 things:

1. How to yum and why its important
2. Remind them that everyone playing is another human at home and to be kind. I'll spend longer on this one if they are twins.

Usually after a few sentences I end up popping out another baby so I can't really teach them a job until I get old. AND teaching others how to play over and over gets boring pretty quick.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Trolling the trolls » 2020-06-07 06:24:32

Crumpaloo wrote:
DiscardedSlinky wrote:

Nice. Maybe a quick trip to donkey town will teach them how to play nice with others

Yeah or he'll just get a refund and never play the game again. 99% of the people doing this are new who dont understand how to be useful cause nobody taught them. Playerbase condoning mass cursing/banning for new players who act out of line is one of the reasons the player-base is tanking even in the middle of a pandemic.

Sorry but this is the type of person I'm ok with not sticking around to play the game. This is the type of person that drives the good players away. I do spend a lot of time teaching new players and it's usually pretty easy to tell who they are based on what they pick up and how they move. Most new players genuinely want to learn but we shouldn't have to teach someone how not to be an asshole.

This particular player, even if he was new he knew how roads worked, he knew how curses worked, he knew that what he did was wrong enough to immediately run away, he knew what to steal, he choose to lie, he choose to call me a slut. Not having him in the game is better than having him.

#7 Main Forum » Trolling the trolls » 2020-06-06 04:32:11

Replies: 7

Since I have zoom I keep an eye on the town, its usually pretty clear who the trolls are, the ones who stand around being rude and rarely contributing. I try to avoid them since no good comes with interacting with them. to be clear, being a troll to me isn't the same thing as being griefer so usually its more tolerated.

One of trolls whom I'd already had my eye on because he was talking rudely to people was an early teen and started talking to me something like "hey lady, give me your clothes" I replied with "fuck no". I don't usually curse but no decent person asks for clothes like that. He immediately cursed me and ran down the road before I could catch his name thinking he'd get away with it.

Thankfully he wasn't very smart and ran down the road to the next town. That town only had 1 daughter. I told her what happened, the troll kid immediately started lying, things like "she tried to stab me" "shes a lying slut" etc. My daughter immediately cursed him.

The troll then stole off the pies and ran off thinking he'd get away with it.

I went back home and found my son. We went to visit my daughter down the road where I, my son, and a town visitor then also cursed the guy. He got four courses because he couldn't behave like a decent person. Sometimes you do get a happy ending.

#8 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-06-05 02:21:00

DestinyCall wrote:

Question regarding hierarchy

How do you know if you are someone's leader?   

I had someone tell me I was their leader the other day, but I had no idea that I had gained leadership.   I was only five years old at the time, so the change over might have happened while I was a zoning out by the fire.   Is there a command or something to identify your leader(s) or follower(s)?

Do /leader, if it says "No Leader" that means you are the leader. it's not intuitive.

#9 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-06-02 16:36:26

miskas wrote:
fug wrote:

No, a kid can't be used to join a posse lol.

Oh, this is an issue tongue Someone open this plz tongue

I wish this was changed so it works with anything you are holding including a child. This would make it easier to understand for new players and it's a better experience for the child, who also has a high likelyhood to be a new player.

#10 Re: Main Forum » New traditions, and many yummy pies » 2020-06-01 07:27:54

I think I ran into you earlier today with the jungle people. We had a griefer in town, a ginger who stole a horse and kept taking our tools. We had a posse chasing her down and eventually she got off her horse and ran into a pie hut where she died in the door way. You asked what was going on and that this was your pie hut.

I'll try to remember this so I can find one in the future. When I'm playing a woman I love moving into little huts that are mostly self sustaining because its the one time when kids and grandkids actually stay and have a home life. New players are more likely to learn because there are less distractions.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-05-31 20:06:18

I'm curious if anyone has successfully overthrown an mass-murdering leader and if so how did they do it?

I've seen another family that was murdered by an evil leader but I was too young to take her and her helper down.  Yours sounds like a very similar situation and I wonder what is the best method for removing them. Based on our experience, you can't go after them directly, you can't be on their hit list. Here is what I'd guess might work:

1. If you're a child, avoid them and just spend your time building your yum and collecting knives and arrows, take a bow and break down any others. If you have zoom then you might be able to warn some others off screen, if not do not warn others. They likely do have zoom and will see you warning others.
2. As soon as you can ride, leave town and go in search of a nearby town that you can use as a refugee camp.
3. Go back home and convince fertile women and girls to go to your new town and escort them there.
4. Start new leadership tree, allow any other expert player to be leader. People are more likely to join if it's not you. Ensure that person exiles the killers.
5. Hand out weapons.
6. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully by the time the killers discover what is happening, your group will be larger than theirs since your group will be growing while they are killing off their followers.

Getting the evil leader killed is a harder goal to accomplish than just rescuing some girls so that the family survives.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Family planning outpost » 2020-05-29 16:20:56

Honestly I think the population is just too low. I think it was this past weekend that I was born as an Eve. I wasn't in the mood to start a new town so I started walking to just something an abandoned town. I had a daughter (new player) and quickly found the desert people's town. My daughter wanted to stay so I got food and clothing and followed the road. Very close to that town was an abandoned town that I moved into. This was perhaps the BEST abandoned town I'd ever seen. It had a well ready for an engine but no engine, but it has a second well, a working deep well with a road close by. We had all the supplies for seals to upgrade it, the cisterns still had water, there were tons of food, clothing, farm animals, etc. The town hadn't been scavenged yet, I think the people had just recently died out.

I had two more daughters (thankfully not new player) and they had children. We claimed the deep well in our family's name and lived very well. The town only survived for 8 or so generations before it died out. We had the BEST chance to survived from any Eve family I'd ever seen based on the healthy status of our town and we quickly died out.

I don't know if outposts would help.

#13 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » 2020-05-29 16:10:09

If this was my game, I'd add achievements, that would add so much for us to do and scenarios to play through. You could even crowd source what the achievements are.

#14 Re: Main Forum » The Paradox of Genescore » 2020-05-29 01:39:41

I wouldn't say we're being overwhelmed with babies but they tend to happen a bit too often. When I play a mother, this is my problem: I do not want to raise more than 1 baby at time. Twins and triplets are rare exceptions, but in general I don't want to be giving my 1 year old newborn a tour of the town and pop out a second baby. Having 1 baby allows me to keep it in my arms and still be mobile, I can take it with me to collect clothes, get food, give a tour of town, introduce the baby to their grandma and siblings and talk to them a bit. 3-5 minutes the bare minimum to raise a baby that feels welcomed and loved. But the moment I have two babies that can't feed themselves it means I'm now stuck at the fire, the babies don't meet family members, they are half dressed, they may not know where the food or farm is. It's just a subpar experience raising multiple babies at the same time.

So the key is allowing mothers to raise 1 baby at a time.

After each child of mine is born, I want a timer to start and I will not pop out another baby for guaranteed 3 minutes. If that child dies any time during that 3 minutes then the timer goes away. That 3 minute buffer I want to be longer based on how experienced the baby is. If the baby is a veteran player than 3 minutes is enough but if the baby is a new player then I likely will need to teach them something and will need extra time. So the buffer time could be a sliding scale based on how experienced the player is, vet = 3 minute buffer while a complete noob is 6 minutes.

#15 Re: Main Forum » I turned a berry farm into a Workplace. » 2020-05-28 16:32:38

I always like towns that have farms in unique shapes, they seem less likely to have too many berries.

#16 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » 2020-05-28 06:53:57

Mr meeseeks wrote:

Honestly... I no longer have any stake in this game... But I tried to play tonight, and it was abysmal. Not necessarily because of the mechanics, but the players were so uptight, it wasn't fun at all. This game will surely die, and the only hope of reviving it is to bring back griefing. It might already be dead... Idk... I predicted it would happen, but not because of the concept, because of the players. I encourage you to bring griefing back, to an extent, and do another sale on steam.... Just my two cents... People don't want to play with 30 uptight players that get offended by the slightest thing. I likely won't play again.. Food for thought... I won't read any replies.

Were you the woman in the kitchen that was attacking multiple people with a knife and getting mad because we wouldn't let you do it? You sound like the same person. All she did was complain about Jason and the game dying and how we were all uptight for not letting her attack people. Was that you?

#17 Re: Main Forum » Autocomplete name function - a suggestion » 2020-05-28 06:51:08

DestinyCall wrote:

Personally, I find auto-complete features annoying rather than helpful and prefer to turn them off, when possible.   

I prefer my typos to be my own, rather than generated by a time-saving "feature".    I am already frustrated by how many times I have randomly named a baby something weird because of the name commands.

Now that people can type more letters, it would be worth changing the command to be "Your name is X" rather than "You are X". I too have accidently named my kids because I was talking to another kid saying "You are big now, you can feed yourself" and instead it named them.

Or if we had a 1 time rename command for mothers, that would allow us to fix accidental names, and allow us to fix when a jerk ninja picks up our bb and names it something rude.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Playtime is not linearly correlated with curses received » 2020-05-28 06:42:54

Coconut Fruit wrote:
AmberA wrote:

I'm one of the "good" vet players that was sent to donkey town. It's because I have a hard time not going after griefers. Someone kills all the sheep...damn right I'm going to hunt that person until they are cursed and dead. But that makes me a target, that sheep killer is likely to curse me for hunting them down. The random person who didn't see the sheep killing only see me with a bloody knife and also curses me. Taht sheep killer probably had a baby that will also curse me and try to kill me because I'm trying to end their griefer mother. That's 3 curses for trying to save the town. I've gotten better though at getting towns people on my side and letting others initiate the attack so I don't get cursed as often now.

Good thing we have leaders now. Instead of dealing with the problem on your own it's better to just report it to the leader. Leaders can deal with problems like this much quicker and easier and are unlikely to get cursed if they are doing it right.

NOBODY, you are in "big friends" group in Bobo's discord channel, it's good to see that you have hard time trying to go outside of donkey town.
I joined that channel just to check who is there, I left it right after. It's a pathological place...

Yup lately I've been between 2nd place and 10th place so most lives now I end up the leader. It makes things so much easier. I exile problem people and usually it sorts it self out after that. If they continue to be trouble the town people get rid of them or if the problem person behaves then I redeem them.

I only saw one life where the leader murdered everyone, since then I never pass on leadership to anyone, I let the system do it.

#19 Re: Main Forum » More Graves! (And gravestuff) » 2020-05-27 01:20:11

Karrots wrote:

RN we have mother, brother, sister, son, aunt, uncle, and daughter.

Even thought there are no fathers in-game, there should be a father template for rp reasons. And, obviously, a cousin template. We have lots of cousins, after all.

I'd also like phrases and words. For example, maybe titles like queen and king could be templates.

We could also be able to carve writing into graves. When you click on the grave, it should show the writing.

Graves all look the same, we should be able to make different gravestones.

And we need more items that can be put on graves, and a way to put them there permanently. I'm tired of people stealing roses off of graves. Maybe more cultural things, like candles you can light on graves that would burn out after a few minutes.

But uh, yeah. TL;DR: We need more templates, different gravestones, a way to write on graves and a way to put items permanently on graves.


YES please!

I'd love to see Father, Husband, Wife.

I'd love to also see /fam to display ontop of bones & gravestones. When my daughter dies, I don't want to have to run around and hover over every set of bones.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Playtime is not linearly correlated with curses received » 2020-05-27 01:12:23

jasonrohrer wrote:

Yes, I see.... I will add forgiveness this week.

There are cases where "CURSE YOU" lands on the wrong person because they suddenly run into range.

I was looking at this issue because some people were claiming that "good" vet players would accumulate curses over time through random chance, because they play so much.

Regarding working on the worst players, hell yeah, it's working.

Some people were born in D-town 200 or 300 times this month.  That's a lot of d-town.

Yes please add forgiveness!!

Not only have I see "Curse You" curse the wrong person but I've also seen "Curse my baby" curse the wrong baby when the mother is trying to curse a SID baby but a different baby was born at the same time.

I'm one of the "good" vet players that was sent to donkey town. It's because I have a hard time not going after griefers. Someone kills all the sheep...damn right I'm going to hunt that person until they are cursed and dead. But that makes me a target, that sheep killer is likely to curse me for hunting them down. The random person who didn't see the sheep killing only see me with a bloody knife and also curses me. Taht sheep killer probably had a baby that will also curse me and try to kill me because I'm trying to end their griefer mother. That's 3 curses for trying to save the town. I've gotten better though at getting towns people on my side and letting others initiate the attack so I don't get cursed as often now.

Sure I could let that griefer steal our engine but getting it back has to fall to someone. Most people don't have zoom and aren't advanced enough of a player to know what to do so it falls to the vets to fight back. That's why I ended up buying a second account, the first one was stuck in donkey town.

Long story short, yes please add forgiveness.

If I curse someone as a child, when I'm old I get a 2nd curse. If I curse that same person again, will it count as a 2nd curse on that person or does it just refresh the curse timer?

#21 Re: Main Forum » Removing bear caves » 2020-05-26 05:23:53

fug wrote:
Alterior wrote:

I had an eve camp with one bear cave extremely close. Like the campfire was practically outside the cave. A property fence without a gate works really well as a work around.

Actually just putting gates in front of the first tile works the best due to the auto inheritance function.

Oh that's a good idea, i assume even if the gate is open then the bear can't pass through?

#23 Re: Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 05:13:52

The ginger leader that killed so many was Cherry Lurk: … id=6245984

Confirmed that the ginger leader's accomplice was Alin Space whose last words were "Priase bobo"

Churry Lurk: … id=6245984
Him: … id=6245984

Just a few of their victims: … id=6245984

and … id=6245984

plus others and so many unfed babies while we tried to survive.

#24 Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 04:51:58

Replies: 8

I was born into a slaughterfest, the ginger leader would say "I exile you" and had one other griefer with her so they would exile and stab, exile and shoot, exile and stab. Over and over and over. Most people don't know how to unfollow.

She was only teamed up with one other person, anyone know if that accomplice was a ginger or was it from another race?

Basically it comes down to the leader and exile system being too complicated for an average group to be able to defend itself when the leader is a griefer.

#25 Main Forum » Bug - Peace doesn't always work » 2020-05-23 19:07:32

Replies: 1

I was the desert race living in the city of the jungle people. When we got over 55, we tried to make peace but it didn't work due to what I think is a bug. I'm a pretty advanced player and I don't think it was user error on either side.

I would say PEACE, the other person would say something like DYCT. We'd say that back and forth and it didn't work. Then we'd say it in each other's language but when she tried to copy me it wouldn't show up as "PEACE" instead it would show up as "DEACE" and peace was never reached. Even when we wrote the PEACE down on paper, she still couldn't copy it correctly, it would display wrong when she typed it.

We could tell through facial expressions that we're doing it right, we were both getting frustrated that it wasn't working.

I've seen this happen before, exact same situation. It seemed like we did everything right but one letter was off due to the translation system.

Anyone else seen this issue happen? Is it a bug?

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