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#1 Re: Main Forum » Genetic Fitness Rework? » 2020-10-19 12:53:07

I am surprised that jason hasnt given up on the gene score yet, so perhaps he is thinking on reworking it some day since right now its pretty much just RNG. Howerver i can see how difficult might implemente a score in general in a game that doesnt track "survival actions" that could conclude in x amounts of survival points or whatever. I think the game would be better if there wasnt a gene score in general.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Game Not Advertised Right/Game Not Built Right » 2020-10-19 12:42:19

As of right now, the tech tree feels all over the place, the race and tool restrictions limit the player on how they want to play, the gene score is merely a joke and the player HUD is oversatured with notifications. Now add the restrictions that were added for the rift update but are still here even without the rift like hunger work. Also overcomplicated mechanics like just getting some iron.

I really would love if jason sat down for a day and put his act together because the game mechanics feel unconsistent as if he didnt know what he wants to do.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Game design contradictions » 2020-10-08 15:28:13

I always felt that the method that jason uses to develop OHOL is to focus on a single mechanic and to finish it (or at least make it playable) by any means neccesary, even if it means reworking (or retweaking) some aspects of the game to make it work, which ends up breaking other mechanics. See posse or war as an example.

It doesnt help that Jason pretty much develops the game on the go, so he doesnt appear to have a game-plan so inconsistency is pretty much assured almost every time.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Can This Game Evolve Beyond White Supremacy? » 2020-10-02 12:37:00

I hate the race restrictions as much as everyone else but saying that the update promotes white supremacy is too much of a strech. I would even say that the whites in this game are the most expendable of them all since they are not needed to progress in the tech.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Should SID babies have bones? » 2020-09-29 19:59:32

The SID bones can really pile up, besides being punishing on terms of space for something that you cannot control

Also, it can bring a bad impression for the next baby to see a lots of corpses, so they might think the town isnt worth it and to /die, which it would start the mini SID chain again in loop.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Down with Biome Restrictions! » 2020-09-23 14:02:47

Totally agree, biome restrictions tries to force trade to just merely survive, which breaks the point on making it to feel genuine and just makes players to coordinate on outside sources to work around the hustle.

It would have been better to make it so every race could have another optional but unique tech tree that make some areas of the game easier to do (a loom that provides more wool, better tools or better stations) that are worth willing to trade between families.

If you make it so every family needs to trade, there is not really a trade going on, just forced-sharing.

#7 Main Forum » Something that bothers me » 2020-09-20 08:52:08

Replies: 15

We have delivery trucks. The modern type.

And we are still depending on adobe-based structures and on a flat stone to cook some eggs.

I am glad that jason has been adding some tools for industrialism but it really hurts to the aesthetic of towns and can make it seem that there is no true progression to the game, i wish there was more stations that can provide more convenient mechanics or that can provide more resources.

An oven to cook more rapidly, upgrades to newcomers to use diesel instead so you can turn it on or off so you dont waste that much time having to go trough all the process of gathering water and coal. These could be examples of towns that feel more advanced than others.

I just wish jason will not try to rush up the tech tree and add something that really isnt needed like sports car-

Wait, what?

#8 Main Forum » The game is it really at its best state? » 2020-05-24 07:09:20

Replies: 26

I am genuinly curious about what the community thinks about this.

Why do you think it is indeed in its best state and why do you think it is not in its best state?

#9 Re: Main Forum » We need to tell the inept players about the new Berry meta » 2020-05-24 07:07:08

cordy wrote: … tled_2.png

....jason replied:

"Leave a paper note inside the fence to avoid confusion, or even a sign, which would be visible outside the fence."

lol lol lol

Did he just suggested making crop signs.... but without actually having crop signs!?!??!

#10 Re: Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 07:04:44

Wow, posse being abused an exploited? What a shocker!

#11 Re: Main Forum » Cooking Fire - Suggestion » 2020-05-20 08:18:20

i really need this, i want this. i must have it.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: more loose speech character limits » 2020-05-19 20:22:47

This is pretty neat, its like a breeze of fresh air from the last updates.

#13 Re: Main Forum » Remove Posse » 2020-05-19 16:05:39

tocal wrote:

I say we remove posse. It' too complicated, non-intuitive, relies on chat, and has proven again and again to not work.

This is my major problem with the posse system, being non-intuitive makes it so when you need to make a posse you will not being able to pull it fast enough because people do not understand how it works, and when you get it done the griefer already left. This happens a lot when your village is mostly newbies. I guess if it was veterans would be about reacting to it fast enough.

#14 Re: Main Forum » Ideas that make the game simpler, more enjoyable that Jason hate :D » 2020-05-18 16:01:38

How many years of game designing experience do i need to have some better zoom?

#15 Main Forum » Systems within systems » 2020-05-18 16:00:15

Replies: 15

As of right now and just basing it on my memory we have:

-Tool slots
-Family restrictions
-Language barriers

Dont you guys think we are overloading the game with this?

#17 Main Forum » super bad problem: default vanilla zoom. » 2020-05-16 08:48:31

Replies: 12

We are pretty restricted as of right now, so can we at least have a good view on our village to have some awareness of what is happening?

#18 Re: Main Forum » Yammers and MinMaxers I did the math V.2. » 2020-05-13 13:52:31

i have always thought that all high-tech-tier foods should have a higher value of yum than the lesser ones like berries or carrots, maybe  if we rework it so these are still as water-consuming as before but instead give 2 yum? (or even 3, but i see that a little too extreme)

#19 Re: Main Forum » Suggestion: Different Seasons - not always the sun is shining lovely » 2020-05-11 15:28:16

Lightning wrote:

Hmm... wouldn't that make OHOL a completly different game though?

Why do you consider that?

Seasons just offers more content and gives more immersion.

#20 Re: News » Update: In Perpetuity » 2020-05-10 03:21:04

miskas wrote:

We have the tools now, it's on us how we use them.

What are exactly our tools? Leadership is pretty much just random, just act all good and if you ask nicely you can control the entire village with just a little help (The more help, the greater will be the probabilities to one of them becoming the leader) And that is the best case scenarios. Some players just dont know, and it only takes one player that didnt know or it didnt took to much thought about it when choosing a leader, hell, some just give it up without knowing.

#21 Re: Main Forum » Bottles should have more space in them » 2020-05-09 03:05:54

Can we talk about how empty bottles are stacked? They give me anxiety for some reason.

#22 Re: Main Forum » New idea for killing » 2020-05-08 19:43:15

jasonrohrer wrote:

Experience counts for something.... not as an appeal to blind expert worship.... but, you know, I've done this 19 times.  That means I've faced difficult design problems a bunch of times and found ways to solve them, eventually.

The same way with the rift, i suppose.

It is true that i have never tried, and probably will never get to experience truly what is to be a game designer, however i have been playing OHOL long enough to know how it truly feels to play it.

jasonrohrer wrote:

You've never tried, and thus you've never failed, so you don't know how common failure is.  From where you sit, I look like a bungling idiot who just won't listen.

I mean, from where you sit, we are just a bunch of people that are complaining everytime you make a bad move we do not like, people that probably do not have a single grain of talent or experience as you do. you dont get to take the frustation that the community gets with these updates. You didnt get to feel your progress be erased by a bunch of griefers that were protected by a posse wall. You didnt get to feel the frustation to ran out of tool slots when the town was already dying out. Or to work 40 minutes of your life working on an engine only to come back seeing it scrapped. With or without property fences. Each time.

For every week.

jasonrohrer wrote:

I've seen what works and what doesn't work countess times.  I've tried and FAILED countless times, and learned from each failure

Then why thinking about revisiting the sword? what lesson did you learned about it besides that it doesnt work in OHOL? or at least not with this small playerbase, i suppose. What was the root of the problem that you claimed was making the sword seemed bad? Dont you see how bad of a concept it is when the family specialization literally forces us to play nice with each other?

I mean, its like you said just now, you want us to play how you want, behave like you want and to suffer just how you want. because what we want as players doesnt matter.

#23 Re: Main Forum » New idea for killing » 2020-05-08 17:07:54

jasonrohrer wrote:

Dantox, how many persistent online multiplayer games have you shipped?  How successful were they?

Game design is hard.

This is a brand new design space, unlike any other game that ever existed in several ways, which means there are no ready-made solutions to the problems that we're facing.  I can't just copy how Rust did things (an excellent multiplayer survival game), because in that game, everyone lives for a full week, and you don't have complete strangers getting "born" right into the middle of your private base, begging for food.

I dont know where are you trying to go with that question, i have never made a game in my entire life, that doesnt mean i am stupid as to not understand how game design works.

All these systems that you have added have failed greatly in some aspect, Posse made griefing more dangerous and organized than before (Dont know now with the recent changes, hopefully you prove me wrong in this one) Family specialization was supposed to bring trade to the game which ended up just making families donating each other the items because of convenience (even though this update ruined the freedom of the players). War swords were meant to bring family conflicts to the game which just ended up making griefers raid villages until they were nerfed to the ground (Even you have admited to wanting to revisit them, even if the whole concept of war no longer makes sense since you need other families to survive) And because you wanted to push the use of property fences you made the engines. One of the most tedious things to craft in OHOL one of the easist to grief. which ended up with lots, lots and lots of engiens destroyed this last week. The food overhaul is kind of nice because you have reasons to make other foods. But being a new and old player kind of sucks really bad. New players doesnt understand what is happening and why they are being yelled at for eating berries and old players no longer have the time to teach because the town needs constant supply of yum foods to surviva another 10 minutes.

My problem is not that you are still trying to figure out how these mechanics should work, but my problem started when everytime you added one of this systems you stripped something away from the players. All because you wanted to force a mechanic into the game that wasnt neccesary in the first place.

#24 Re: Main Forum » New idea for killing » 2020-05-08 13:51:29

jasonrohrer wrote:

Cantface, do you think it's a good idea to pile new content on top of a game where existing systems are broken and unused?

The game officially launched in steam on November of 2018. and i am pretty certain the game had already release a while before launching on steam via your website. Dont know for how long though.

How is that, after almost 2 years, are you still working on making the core game mechanics function properly?

#25 Re: Main Forum » How do you use war sword? » 2020-05-07 19:05:43

jasonrohrer wrote:

Yeah, war sword is a mostly vestigial at this point.

It will be revisited in the future.

Aw, dang it, here we go again!

Quick question, if the war swords are going to get reworked in the future, do you plan to change the meta so families dont need each other again or make it so families are more independent? asking this because if we make swords viable again then why we should use them against other families if we need them for their special items?

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