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686,248 lives lived for a total of 86,518 hours
33,283 people lived past age fifty-five
26 generations in longest family line

a multiplayer survival game of parenting
and civilization building by Jason Rohrer
785 Player Reviews, 94% Positive


No middle-person


Open Source
  • Lifetime server account
  • All future updates
  • Full source code
  • Tech support included
Available now for $20

This game is about playing one small part in a much larger story. You only live an hour, but time and space in this game is infinite. You can only do so much in one lifetime, but the tech tree in this game will take hundreds of generations to fully explore. This game is also about family trees. Having a mother who takes care of you as a baby, and hopefully taking care of a baby yourself later in life. And your mother is another player. And your baby is another player. Building something to use in your lifetime, but inevitably realizing that, in the end, what you build is not for YOU, but for your children and all the countless others that will come after you. Proudly using your grandfather's ax, and then passing it on to your own grandchild as the end of your life nears. And looking at each life as a unique story. I was this kid born in this situation, but I eventually grew up. I built a bakery near the wheat fields. Over time, I watched my grandparents and parents grow old and die. I had some kids of my own along the way, but they are grown now... and look at my character now! She's an old woman. What a life passed by in this little hour of mine. After I die, this life will be over and gone forever. I can be born again, but I can never live this unique story again. Everything's changing. I'll be born as a different person in a different place and different time, with another unique story to experience in the next hour...

....Progress Report....
34 natural objects
(latest: Alum)
8 playable characters 463 human-makeable objects
(latest: Soft Adobe Wall)

What you get
Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive an email with an access link. You will then be able to download all of the following DRM-free distributions:
  • Windows build
  • MacOS build (10.5 and later Intel)
  • GNU/Linux build (compiled on 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Full source code bundle (compile it yourself)
The price also includes downloads of all future updates and a lifetime account on the main game server that I am running.

The source bundle includes the editor and server software, allowing you to set up and run your own server or even leverage the engine to make your own game. See OneLife/documentation in the source bundle for instructions.

You can take a look at the system requirements.

Recent Reviews:

MasterGamerGZ (48.0 hours on record)
Posted 69 minutes ago

Checking my time, Love this game. Everything it says it is and more, I definitely Recommend it.

Mother of Jared (4.7 hours on record)
Posted 7 hours ago

Was awesome, my son thought his name was Rex but in truth it was Jared. Raised 7 kids, had 10 Grand kids and 2 Great Grand kids. Tons of fun.

Ninjai (7.4 hours on record)
Posted 7 hours ago

they need to rename this game 1 hour too short...
I mean right when are finally able to do something your time is already up i mean 1 more hour would be perfect or even 3 hours.

AwesomeOx (24.5 hours on record)
Posted 8 hours ago

10 outta 10. Was put in charge of family security by grandmother as she gave me a knife when she died. I held onto that knife. Eventually one of my grandchildren was demented, and was screaming she was going to kill us all. She had to be taken out back. Her mother grabbed her and took out the back of the house. When I pulled the knife she ran. 10 minutes of her running around I said I gave up and ...

eyeris (15 minutes on record)
Posted 9 hours ago

Brutal, horrible game entry experience. So many deaths. Every parent knows kids can pick berries off a bush as soon as they are old enough to walk to it.

bgb (20.6 hours on record)
Posted 10 hours ago

zone map with biomes would be really cool. an icon at your point of death and ability to chose spawn location (whether eve or baby) maybe. also a timer before having a baby if you start as eve, or a baby limit.

Jnc7919 (6.3 hours on record)
Posted 11 hours ago

Born to a lovely naked lady, she fed me through the cold times, sat me by the fire and told me stories of the past. She forgot to eat and died. Then I died.

An old man, tending the fields told me 'I don't have long.', 'Take over from me.' and was a pile of bones.

I took his hat.

Was born to a mother with two children. As I was sat on a bear skin I watched as a man in a cro...

MuffinGamys (83.6 hours on record)
Posted 11 hours ago

Amazing game. So many lives. Checking hours. Buy the game, it's great.

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Top Playtime Reviews:

Jake (162.1 hours on record)
Posted 16 days ago

Great game! So far I've learned to farm, hunt, make clothing and build a fire. My next time I spawn into a colony I'm looking forward to trying my hand at being a smith. I've spawned alone a few times and found old settlements where i lived and stocked them so if someone stumbles across it the crops will be seeded with filled water pouches and a stockpile of carrots. I've lived several live and ...

Sad game (118.2 hours on record)
Posted 11 days ago

This game describes the love of mother and family

Nobody can live forever and their life is limited.

The only thing player can leave is their bone and what they've made.

But what in earth do they've manufactured or harvested good for themselves after death?

It barely effects players next game so It means nothing as well.

Everything is meaningless afterlife then ...

InSpace (105.7 hours on record)
Posted 9 days ago

Awesome game. Now you can wear pink hats.

sharky boy (98.1 hours on record)
Posted 9 days ago

HAD AN AMAZING LIFE, sometimes you get so lucky, you learn a lot, and pass it down. Such a great feeling haha.
But yeah you will be unlucky spawning a few times, but if you get eve its really fun to go from scratch, and if you survive all by your lonesome, feels so good to find someone else to give everything to.
I feel a lot less selfish after living an old life and having kids lol... alw...

AAA Pizza (93.4 hours on record)
Posted 6 days ago

My mother was a baker in a big village. I grew up by her fire, learning to bake all kinds of pies. I continued her baking legacy after her death. Then I passed on the baking to a little boy in town.

fatty (87.6 hours on record)
Posted 9 days ago

i was brother of Aragorn the firstborn , he named me fatty.

My whole life i farmed carrots and made baskets for carrots.



I got married we had only sons and at the end of our life only we where left.

We send our son out so he w...

MuffinGamys (83.6 hours on record)
Posted 11 hours ago

Amazing game. So many lives. Checking hours. Buy the game, it's great.

Evan (83.6 hours on record)
Posted 7 days ago

I mostly just want to see how much I've played. Let that number tell you how much I like this game.

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March 9, 2018

I've heard it many times, from both friends and strangers alike (and even a bit from my spouse): "Jason, don't you think you're nuts for not releasing this game on Steam?" Steam has changed a lot over the years, though.


Back in 2011 when my game Inside a Star-filled Sky launched on Steam, Valve worked with me directly to pick a release date that had no major conflicts. My game was the only game that came out that day on Steam. I'll repeat that for emphasis: my game was the only game that came out that day on Steam. It remained on the new release list for almost an entire week, sitting there on the front page of Steam for everyone to see. That exposure helped this otherwise-unknown game sell 649 units on the first day and 704 on the second day, and achieve a peak of 43 simultaneous players on day two. For me, at the time, those sales number were huge and career changing. Of course, the normal drop-off and long tail followed, with occasional spikes during the sales that I participated in. But the biggest influx of players and revenue came during launch.
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