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Not Recommendedby Remove the update
49.1 hours on record
Posted 32 days agoLast Played 25 days ago

Why did you add the update were you have lives! I HATE IT REMOVE IT!

Not Recommendedby The Life System
20.3 hours on record
Posted 36 days agoLast Played 36 days ago

Ok, so I got this game and loved it but the new life system sucks. I get the point of it but when the Tutorial counts as a life I draw the line.

Persona l I never like this update because it gives griefers a HUGE advantage because they can basically kill you for an hour and in the start of a life you are completely helpless. You can't even curse a griefer because you are to young and can't t...

Not Recommendedby Buck
253.7 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 5 days ago

Lagging problem, low framework.

Not Recommendedby The_Anabaptist
526.9 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 10 hours ago

I cannot recommend this game to parents with impressionable children, which is basically all of them.

When I bought this game, it was promoted as a group activity for progressing thru stages of civilization while trying to stave off or outrun concurrent waves of resource shortfalls. I enjoyed this aspect of the game.

However , the developer has released a number of updates that incre...

Not Recommendedby pein
301.2 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 58 days ago

the curse system is total dumb. i would be fine if people rewatch my game and punish me for it if i say or do anything that's really disturbing. griefers curse you, people randomly curse you, roleplayers support their related griefers, and people curse you instead of bob XCXVIII

Not Recommendedby i can talk
37.5 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 2 months ago

i love the game but i cant talk
can sombody help me

Not Recommendedby Sucks
8.1 hours on record
Posted 4 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

This game is impossible. I have spent three hours trying to start the game. Now It is loaded but it is not allowing me to type in my assigned password. Horrible waste of money.

Not Recommendedby Kate
98.7 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 2 months ago

Its a fun game. If it works, which tbh with you is a coin toss. Had I known how buggy it was i probably wouldn't have spent the money. Also it drops you randomly

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