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Not Recommendedby Villanelle
75.6 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 7 months ago

Curse system is Gulag system.

Enoug h players curse you and you're off to Gulag - useless Donkey Town. I saw a player on Discord say they do not role play anymore due to the fear of being cursed for RP'ing.

Most of the players have left the game due to being filtered out by boring people using the curse system.

There is no anarchy anymore, no wars, no players. Community is mea...

Not Recommendedby Me
3 minutes on record
Posted 14 months agoLast Played 14 months ago

This is horrible! I payed 20 dollars on a Macbook Air computer and have been trying to get into the game for an hour! Still can't! Do not waste your money!

Not Recommendedby Lman819
204.2 hours on record
Posted 19 months agoLast Played 32 days ago

Left the game for a long time. Came back and only certain races can go in certain biomes? There are tool slots? What the hell happened to this great game? I used to love it, I don't know if I can recommend it as it is now...

Not Recommendedby help
396.1 hours on record
Posted 20 months agoLast Played 7 months ago

I can't play the game correctly due to wolves appearing as plates, and vice versa. Your discord server is full of shits who won't help because of dumb grudges from a completely different place. I don't recommend the game due to griefers, and I 100% dont recommend the discord server.

Not Recommendedby Siyona
1,224.7 hour on record
Posted 21 months agoLast Played 18 months ago

OH, PLEASE.... You've got to upgrade user interface in this game first. Make NO MORE complicated rules and stuff. I am tired to get new ppl to know some rules such as like hierarchical leadership shit or freakin yum system. I think only few players read your update news or forum, but many players get infomation IN THE GAME. You should know that. Sorry for the English. cause I don't speak English. ...

Not Recommendedby MissImmortal
190.4 hours on record
Posted 22 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

The dev likes to control every aspect of this game. Good luck actually having fun or making it your own, because if you don't play it the way Jason likes then you're not doing it right

Not Recommendedby Tipy
598.8 hours on record
Posted 23 months agoLast Played 11 months ago

The dev is high on meth. He has done nothing but make the game boring. The player numbers don't even reach 100 players at peak hours. As the wise intellectual Spoonwood once said:
''Run away from this game. If you can't run away from this game, jog away from this game. If you can't jog away from this game, walk away. Permanently. Forever. And don't turn back.''

Not Recommendedby Julie
283.3 hours on record
Posted 2.1 years agoLast Played 11 months ago

Why is there a language difference??? I understand that the real world was like that, but really what the ever living fuck. I got killed because one of my children decided to be a racist, thieving asshat.

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