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Not Recommendedby shelwyn
9.4 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 12 days ago

Hell no I don't think you should buy this game. The cursor placement in this game is insanely bad. You can't click on crap it's idiotic. Fix your glitched out game. I'm so tired of losing because I can't click on myself while holding food. This is a really dumb issue. I can't even click the update button without spamming the mouse buttons.

Not Recommendedby AuroraAurora
263.9 hours on record
Posted 19 days agoLast Played 3 hours ago

Best Game i get to make glorious stew tacos and burritos

Not Recommendedby JACK
1.3 hours on record
Posted 19 days agoLast Played 19 days ago

Not Recommendedby GrouchyPete
30 minutes on record
Posted 20 days agoLast Played 20 days ago

A+ concept but it's not fun.

Not Recommendedby Carabao
78.4 hours on record
Posted 20 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

I have played nonstop for the past few days, what killed this game for me though.. is the nonstop trolls releasing bears. stabbing people with knives. I cant enjoy this game for 10 min without someone killing me or a bear or worse bears released into a settlement. Until the developer fixes this, issue... I wont recommend this game to anyone.

Not Recommendedby Dan
42.1 hours on record
Posted 20 days agoLast Played 19 days ago

Nice idea. But it is too frustrating to start as eve and settle down. Most of the time the new players spawning are really bad. Raising them is always a risk and often wasted time. You often get almost to the point where you can have everything for frying eggs by yourself for example but then you are too old to have further children... If you raise them before, 9 out of 10 times they are idiots an...

Not Recommendedby Tamara
22.5 hours on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 3 days ago

It is a shame that I have to finish the tutorial because I don't know how to make a steel axe. I have to use a guide for this tutorial and I'm losing the will and fun to play this game just because of this tutorial

Not Recommendedby tedious game
26.6 hours on record
Posted 25 days agoLast Played 26 hours ago

After playing this game I am liking it and hating it. This game is overpriced at 20 dollars in my opinion at the moment. The video is misleading because there are no cars, roads, robots, or anything futuristic. You start out with nothing and stop once you get some steel tools.

I don't like the way of moving with the mouse. I like the wasd movement in games. Item storage is complete crap. I...

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