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Not Recommendedby MissImmortal
186.9 hours on record
Posted 60 days agoLast Played 49 days ago

The dev likes to control every aspect of this game. Good luck actually having fun or making it your own, because if you don't play it the way Jason likes then you're not doing it right

Not Recommendedby Tipy
589.1 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 19 days ago

The dev is high on meth. He has done nothing but make the game boring. The player numbers don't even reach 100 players at peak hours. As the wise intellectual Spoonwood once said:
''Run away from this game. If you can't run away from this game, jog away from this game. If you can't jog away from this game, walk away. Permanently. Forever. And don't turn back.''

Not Recommendedby Gabrielle
287.1 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 27 days ago

Hey! The fact that you can't put bodies in carts really sucks... Could you change that? Otherwise the game is super fun!

Not Recommendedby Julie
253.7 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 19 hours ago

Why is there a language difference??? I understand that the real world was like that, but really what the ever living fuck. I got killed because one of my children decided to be a racist, thieving asshat.

Not Recommendedby Three
134.5 hours on record
Posted 6 months agoLast Played 2 months ago

yeah he is gonna add racism dlc

Not Recommendedby Fruityloopz
16.0 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 7 months ago

Half of my games had at least one griefer in it. They need to take the option of killing someone else out. It's absolute bullshit.

Not Recommendedby player8
1,045.5 hour on record
Posted 9 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

The sword was the most fun thing in the game, even after the shift-click update. People were joining raids and having the best lives they had had in the game while doing so. I loved it and I lead maybe over a hundred wars and raids on towns. Then the rift came, causing the crafting players to riot and grief the life out of it, giving us a moment of freedom when it was lifted. I even made a map in ...

Not Recommendedby UnhappyMisery
211.7 hours on record
Posted 10 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

Extremely disappointed to have returned back to the game after a year gap (due to family issues rather than the game itself), although now because of this 'rift' update, it very well could be another year gap (this time because of the game). What an absolute shambles! Everything the creator wants this update to achieve is pointless, as everything goes against it! Honestly, I've never met so many p...

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