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Not Recommendedby Din
186.0 hours on record
Posted 4 months agoLast Played 40 days ago

I personally think, the curse limit is moronic. My great grandkids will play this game in spite!

Not Recommendedby Hey
403.7 hours on record
Posted 4 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

The curse system is so weird and honestly I don't think it's a correct way to deal with things. Want to rp as the mean old lady? Cursed. Want to rp as the creepy cousin? Cursed. Want to just say the f word every now and then? Cursed. Like can I even play the game I bought the way I want to?? Nevermind the middle aged men and women who think they somehow dictate how YOU should play the game. How ab...

Not Recommendedby Thiago9099
76.1 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 3 days ago

where is the end game as promised where is everything you promised jason the robots the vr the computers decoration and etc we need that! please jason we need an end game also you are sending players for donkey town for slash dying seven times or ten or less thats stupid jason fix your game already!

Not Recommendedby Shady
773.4 hours on record
Posted 6 months agoLast Played 10 hours ago

Let me out

Not Recommendedby BUYER BEWARE
96.6 hours on record
Posted 9 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

This game used to be a lot of fun. Then the creator decided to axe free will from the game. So what if a player chooses to steal, destroy, or kill? That's a part of real life, and should be in the game too. Instead if a player does or says one little thing another player doesn't like, they are cursed and immediately relegated to Donkey Town on the next play through, sometimes a ban lasting several...

Not Recommendedby parsnip
1,012.8 hour on record
Posted 11 months agoLast Played 27 days ago


Not Recommendedby mia
0 seconds on record
Posted 13 months agoLast Played 13 months ago

i couldn't open the door. :( im using a laptop with touch pad, no mouse.

Not Recommendedby game bad
330.6 hours on record
Posted 2.0 years agoLast Played 14 months ago

game kinda bad ngl

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