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Not Recommendedby MapHat
137.2 hours on record
Posted 20 days agoLast Played 20 days ago

With this new update with the Rift, it is extremely difficult to get anywhere. It is super easy to run to the Rift in one lifetime. I used to recommend this game to my friends, even in real life, but now I would say this is a hard pass. The developer has finally made the update that broke the game. It was so much fun to play this game and have a sense of community. Now, it's all about creating dif...

Not Recommendedby demonicblack
1,413.1 hour on record
Posted 21 days agoLast Played 12 hours ago

auto aim warswords useless grieving senseless killings and now being locked up in a box im done with this

Not Recommendedby Howls
451.2 hours on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 18 days ago

Good game, but the frequent reworkings and updates make it unpredictable. I enjoy the premise and the experiences I've had in it throughout my time, but it's definitely not for someone who likes stable, consistent gameplay.

Not Recommendedby The_Anabaptist
565.1 hours on record
Posted 23 days agoLast Played 7 hours ago

Update to my previous review:

The game in its current state means that you will not get to play. You will be born. There may not be a mother who can feed you and the dozen other babies crying for a teat. Depending on the "arc" being born as an Eve may or may not be available.
You no longer have the choice of playing this game when you want to.

Yes, negative reviews will wake me...

Not Recommendedby genova
103.9 hours on record
Posted 23 days agoLast Played 7 months ago

Dev and playerbase have remarkably toxic relationship, bugs tend to go unaddressed because dev thinks he knows better.

Not Recommendedby Three
129.2 hours on record
Posted 33 days agoLast Played 2 months ago

Swords ruined the family aspect of the game, now its just murderfest 2019

Not Recommendedby what
17.8 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 39 days ago

what is this?

Not Recommendedby Remove the update
50.8 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 11 days ago

Why did you add the update were you have lives! I HATE IT REMOVE IT!

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