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Version 24 (Fri Jun 23, 2017)

Female003 D
Female004 C
Male005 D
Female006 C
Male007 C
Male008 C

Version 20 (Fri May 19, 2017)

White Pine Tree with Needles
Wooden Frame
Netted Wooden Frame
Partial Wooden Frame
Half Wooden Frame
Pine Panel
Wall Stakes
Wall Stakes
Wall Stakes
Pine Wall
Pine Wall
Pine Wall
Pine Door
Pine Door# Installed
Pine Door# installed vert
Pine Door# installed vert open
Pine Needle Door# installed open
Tule Reeds
Tule Stumps
Harvested Tule
Reed Bundle
Reed Skirt
Yew Shaft
Yew Branch
Flint Arrowhead
Flint Chip
Sapling Stump
Cut Sapling Skewer
Tied Skewer
Canada Goose
Canada Goose#swimming
Canada Goose#swimming,feather
Goose Feather
Featherless Arrow
Headless Arrow
Flint with Chip
Yew Bow
Bow and Arrow
Yew Tree
Adobe Wall
Adobe Wall
Adobe Wall
Partial Adobe Wall
Partial Adobe Wall
Partial Adobe Wall
Rabbit Hole#hiding,single
Snared Rabbit Hole#hiding
Snared Rabbit Family Hole#hiding
Rabbit Hole#out,single
Rabbit Hole#peeking2,single
Rabbit Hole#peeking1,single
Rabbit Family Hole#hiding
Snared Rabbit Hole#peeking2,single
Snared Rabbit Hole#peeking1,single
Snared Rabbit Family Hole#peeking2
Snared Rabbit Family Hole#peeking1
Rabbit Family Hole#out
Snared Rabbit#alive
Snared Family Rabbit#alive
Snared Rabbit#dead
Snared Rabbit#dead,family
Rabbit Hole with Used Snare#single
Rabbit Hole with Used Snare#family
Dead Rabbit
Skinned Rabbit
Skinned Rabbit
Rabbit Fur
Cut Rabbit Fur#4
Skewered Rabbit
Cooked Rabbit
Burnt Rabbit
Rabbit Bone
Rabbit Bones
Bone Needle
Needle and Thread
Rabbit Family Hole#peeking1
Rabbit Family Hole#peeking2
Abandonned Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole#growing
Cooked Rabbit
Rabbit Fur Hat
Rabbit Fur Loincloth
Rabbit Fur Shall
Rabbit Fur Coat
Rabbit Fur Shoe
Rabbit Furs#2
Rabbit Furs#3
Rabbit Furs#4
Cut Rabbit Fur#2
Rabbit Furs#4,2
Empty Water Pouch
Full Water Pouch
Fertile Soil
Soil-filled Backpack
Tilled Row
Dry Planted Milkweed Seed
Wet Planted Milkweed Seed
Dry Planted Gooseberry Seed
Wet Planted Gooseberry Seed
Milkweed Sprout
Gooseberry Sprout
Milkweed Seed
Wheat Seed Head
Wheat Sheath
Threshed Wheat
Dry Planted Wheat
Wet Planted Wheat
Wheat Sprouts
Adobe Oven Base
Wet Clay Bowl
Wet Clay Plate
Clay Bowl
Clay Plate
Adobe Oven
Adobe Kiln
Wooden Tongs
Wooden Tongs#plate, wet
Wooden Tongs#plate, fired
Ripe Wheat
Unripe Wheat
Wheat Stumps
Bowl of Wheat
Wood-filled Adobe Oven
Burning Adobe Oven
Hot Adobe Oven
Bowl of Flour
Bowl of Dough
Bowl of Gooseberries
Bowl of Rabbit
Bowl of Minced Rabbit
Bowl of Gooseberries And Rabbit
Bowl of Gooseberries, Rabbit, and Carrot
Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot
Bowl of Mashed Berries, Rabbit, and Carrot
Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot
Bowl of Mashed Berries and Rabbit
Bowl of Rabbit and Carrot
Bowl of Mashed Rabbit and Carrot
Raw Pie Crust
Raw Berry Pie
Raw Berry Carrot Pie
Raw Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie
Raw Carrot Pie
Raw Carrot Rabbit Pie
Raw Rabbit Pie
Raw Berry Rabbit Pie
Cooked Berry Pie
Cooked Carrot Pie
Cooked Rabbit Pie
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie
Picked Gooseberry Bush
Wood-filled Adobe Kiln
Firing Adobe Kiln
Wooden Tongs#Bowl, fired
Wooden Tongs#Bowl, wet
Wet Clay Nozzle
Clay Nozzle
Bellows Without Nozzle
Wooden Tongs#iron ore
Iron Ore
Flat Rock
Firing Adobe Kiln Sealed
Sealed Adobe Kiln
Wooden Tongs#wet nozzle
Wooden Tongs#fired nozzle
Threshed Wheat#straw removed
Basket of Charcoal
Adobe Kiln with Charcoal
Firing Forge
Forge with Charcoal
Hot Iron Bloom
Wooden Tongs#hot iron bloom
Hot Iron Bloom#flat rock
Iron Bloom
Wooden Tongs#cold iron bloom
Iron Bloom#flat rock
Wrought Iron#flat rock
Wrought Iron
Crucible with Iron and Charcoal
Crucible with Iron
Crucible with Charcoal
Unforged Sealed Crucible
Wooden Tongs#unforged crucible
Hot Forged Crucible
Forged Crucible
Wooden Tongs#hot crucible
Wooden Tongs#cool crucible
Crucible with Steel
Steel Ingot
Wooden Tongs#cool steel ingot
Hot Steel Ingot
Wooden Tongs#hot steel ingot
Hot Steel Ingot#flat rock
Hot Steel Axe Head#flat rock
Steel Axe Head#flat rock
Steel Axe Head
Steel Axe
Steel Ingot#flat rock
Basket of Soil
Chopped Tree#big,log
Chopped Tree#big,log,wood2
Chopped Tree#big,log,wood1
Chopped Tree#Small,wood2
Chopped Tree#Small,wood1
Butt Log
Large Slow Fire
Male002 D
Lombardy Poplar Tree
Maple Tree
Juniper Tree
Flowering Milkweed
Fruiting Milkweed
Milkweed Debris
Milkweed Debris#Flowering
Milkweed Debris#Fruit
Milkweed Stump
Milkweed Stalk
Milkweed Stump#Fertile
Maple Tree#Branch
Straight Branch
Lombardy Poplar Tree#Branch
Small Curved Branch
Long Straight Shaft
Small Curved Shaft
Short Shaft
Tied Short Shaft
Stone Hatchetr
Small Bow
Bow Drill
Ember Shaft
Ember Leaf
Smouldering Tinder
Spent Tinder
Burning Tinder
Large Fast Fire
Hot Coals
Fresh Grave
Old Grave
Tied Long Shaft
Pine Needles
White Pine Tree

Version 19 (Mon Apr 17, 2017)

Wild Carrot
Wild Carrot Stump
Dug Wild Carrot
Wild Carrot

Version 17 (Fri Apr 14, 2017)

Gooseberry Seed

Version 16 (Fri Apr 14, 2017)

Skin Tone A,B,C,D,E,F
Goosberry Bush
Big Hard Rock
Sharp Stone