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Official Answers

Ask questions here by making new threads, and the best ones will be answered up here in this sticky thread.

How do the posse mechanics work?

In general, killing someone requires the consensus of the people around you.  If the person has a lot of allies---people who share the same leader---then a posse is required to kill them.

The first person to target the victim with a weapon (by shift-right-clicking them) starts the posse and receives instructions, via a DING system message, about the required posse size to kill that victim.  People can join the posse by also holding a weapon and shift-right-clicking on the victim.  They can also join by holding a non-weapon (a branch or rock or whatever) and saying "I JOIN YOU" near the person who started the posse.

It is also possible to kill someone without a posse, in two situations:

1)  If that person just perpetrated a kill recently

2) If that person has more enemies than allies

A person has enemies if they get exiled by a leader that a lot of other people follow.  Thus, the easiest path toward killing someone is usually to convince the village leader that the person needs to go, and then have the leader exile that person (by saying "I EXILE YOU" while standing near them, or "I EXILE _____" with their name.

Because leaders are chosen based on the genetic fitness of the potential heirs when the previous leader dies, leaders tend to be good, trustworthy players.

How can a property fence be removed?

First of all, property fences decay away naturally on their own in two hours.  After one hour, they become rickety.  If no one bothers to repair the rickety fence, it collapses after another hour.  So one way to remove a fence is to wait for the natural decay to happen.

If you want to remove a fence sooner than that, it's a two-person endeavor, and one of them must be an elder (over age 55).  The process requires a piece of paper and two charcoal pencils.

The younger person puts a slip of paper on the fence and then marks the paper with a charcoal pencil.  The elder must then immediately sign the slip with the other charcoal pencil.  As long as the signed notice remains on the fence, undisturbed, the fence will collapse after ten minutes.

If the owner of the fence returns, they can remove the notice by repairing the fence with a stone.

How can a property gate be removed?

A gate can only be removed directly by an owner, by chopping it with an axe or a hatchet.

If an owner refuses to remove a bad gate, someone else will inherit the gate when they die (their eldest offspring).  If a gate is maintained in a very disruptive location, having the owner exiled so that they can be killed is a viable option.

Touching a gate will give you an arrow toward the closest gate owner.  The owner will also get a notification that a visitor is at their gate.


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Re: Official Answers

Great idea!

How can a property fence be removed?

by killing all with the posse mechanic that want to renew it? At least this is one way., maybe the easiest...

How the posse mechanic work? To me its currently pure magic, but for sure make sure to let the top leader exile him first.

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Re: Official Answers

How much people do i need in my posse to make one terrified and what does that mean? When does a posse get some speed bonus?


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