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Past Hour
Cooked Mutton Pie83830
Burdock Root38312
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish17289
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie13268
Wild Carrot44258
Bean Burrito17255
Wild Onion44240
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie23232
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie12176
Cooked Fish9162
Cooked Berry Pie18150
Omelette# +contFoodDish11142
Cooked Rabbit12140
Bowl of Stew11132
Slice of Bread19114
Cooked Shrimp12108
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink990
Cooked Rabbit Pie987
Baked Potato784
Pickling Cucumber1470
Turkey Drumstick468
Cooked Carrot Pie963
Pork Taco360
Cooked Mutton648
Shucked Ear of Corn848
Bowl of Sauerkraut848
Wild Garlic842
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink1339
Cactus Fruit436
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink735
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie232
French Fry630
Tortilla Chip728
Chip with Salsa327
Cooked Garlic Shrimp327
Bowl of Cooked Beans224
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish224
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_101616
Bean Taco112
Bowl of Carnitas112
French Fry with Ketchup111
Bowl of Green Beans48
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes77
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart66
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3113

Today (so far)
Cooked Mutton Pie9839949
Bowl of Stew5146222
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie5005013
Burdock Root4463621
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie1803618
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish2083545
Wild Onion5883051
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie2042873
Cooked Rabbit Pie3012719
Wild Carrot4712715
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink2222223
Cooked Carrot Pie3082187
Slice of Bread3191919
Cooked Mutton2161730
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie991589
Omelette# +contFoodDish1231506
Bean Burrito971456
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish1531377
Baked Potato1001202
Cooked Berry Pie1441166
Pickling Cucumber2261136
Turkey Drumstick651111
Cactus Fruit1291067
Shucked Ear of Corn1671019
Cooked Rabbit961014
Wild Garlic129668
French Fry with Ketchup55605
Bowl of Green Beans279560
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish37444
French Fry80400
Cooked Goose23347
Bowl of Cooked Beans26312
Pork Taco15302
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3189279
Cooked Shrimp30276
Cooked Fish15272
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10243245
Bowl of Carnitas24242
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish34240
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink70214
Bean Taco15180
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink22114
Bowl of Sauerkraut1592
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish162
Tortilla Chip1248
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart4347
Chip with Salsa545
Cooked Garlic Shrimp436
Cooked Mutton with Rub432
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1481824
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes913
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish11

Cooked Mutton Pie117712077
Cooked Rabbit Pie8478080
Wild Carrot12007392
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie4997245
Burdock Root8637084
Wild Onion13417061
Bowl of Stew5696983
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie5705977
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie2745586
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish3215555
Cooked Carrot Pie7165282
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie2103433
Cooked Berry Pie4023412
Slice of Bread4913138
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink2973019
Cooked Goose1943014
Cooked Rabbit2532757
Cooked Mutton3062539
Omelette# +contFoodDish1932456
Shucked Ear of Corn3502223
Pickling Cucumber3972078
Turkey Drumstick971672
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish1821652
Bean Burrito1021545
Cactus Fruit1661475
Baked Potato1111339
Wild Garlic2481276
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31220731
Bowl of Green Beans275676
Bowl of Carnitas45464
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish66462
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish33396
Bean Taco32384
Bowl of Cooked Beans31376
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10280315
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink55277
Pork Taco13260
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink85257
French Fry with Ketchup17187
French Fry23123
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish2120
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart6099
Cooked Shrimp662
Bowl of Sauerkraut644
Cooked Mutton with Rub540
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1463840
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes715
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish44

Past week
Cooked Mutton Pie746375823
Bowl of Stew418351142
Cooked Rabbit Pie487045412
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie420743078
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie291041593
Wild Onion752040590
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish221638247
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie185837724
Burdock Root452537722
Wild Carrot593736927
Cooked Carrot Pie433031483
Cooked Berry Pie274222657
Cooked Mutton271222124
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish240321752
Slice of Bread347221543
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink211821496
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie131121256
Cooked Goose113817551
Pickling Cucumber276314262
Cooked Rabbit128414087
Omelette# +contFoodDish106413458
Baked Potato108813132
Shucked Ear of Corn197212395
Bean Burrito78111783
Turkey Drumstick68011719
Pork Taco4769559
Cactus Fruit10128649
Wild Garlic13517065
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish975826
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3115755341
Bean Taco3534243
Bowl of Carnitas3623682
Bowl of Green Beans15703536
Cooked Shrimp3683336
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish2563080
French Fry5522807
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_1022122531
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink8012473
Cooked Fish1232226
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish2962086
Bowl of Sauerkraut3061929
French Fry with Ketchup1701878
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink3601838
Bowl of Cooked Beans1251511
Tortilla Chip216878
Cooked Garlic Shrimp94849
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart621830
Chip with Salsa88801
Cooked Mutton with Rub97783
Cooked Peppered Shrimp84758
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes437526
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish343343
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum219826260
Spoon of Ice Cream29236
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum423342211
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum148134102
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14631795
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14811856
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum2198110
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum146315

Past month
Cooked Mutton Pie78315894139
Cooked Rabbit Pie48084502928
Bowl of Stew29871363446
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie29656303070
Wild Onion54942284091
Burdock Root34579280790
Wild Carrot44476265932
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie11760237708
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie15387223235
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish11987206672
Cooked Carrot Pie28936203535
Cactus Fruit23962194605
Slice of Bread29598181733
Cooked Berry Pie20970174794
Cooked Mutton16400137787
Omelette# +contFoodDish9027133041
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink12534127470
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie7492121644
Cooked Goose7670114174
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish11375103396
Cooked Rabbit830884411
Baked Potato664779838
Pickling Cucumber1493877453
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum312374274447
Bean Burrito471371880
Shucked Ear of Corn1159569516
Turkey Drumstick381065577
Pork Taco294258549
Wild Garlic713937913
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish57534554
Bean Taco211725481
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish211125292
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish333223472
Bowl of Carnitas204120741
Bowl of Green Beans815518818
French Fry331916782
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink476415300
Cooked Shrimp163214848
Bowl of Sauerkraut246014594
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_101231914111
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink223712096
Cooked Fish65211780
French Fry with Ketchup98410877
Bowl of Cooked Beans5636856
Tortilla Chip16536679
Chip with Salsa6756094
Cooked Garlic Shrimp6686060
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart39725050
Cooked Mutton with Rub5284307
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes34923947
Cooked Peppered Shrimp4093694
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish24102410
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum21982172170
Spoon of Ice Cream2061657
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21981631632
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum42332391211
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1463133688
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1481197591
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463104521
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1481136418

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