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Past Hour
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie62631
Cooked Mutton Pie49512
Bowl of Stew27337
Cooked Carrot Pie33239
Wild Onion36207
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie10201
Cooked Berry Pie24199
Wild Carrot29187
Burdock Root21186
Slice of Bread29182
Pork Taco9180
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink17177
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish10175
Baked Potato13156
Cooked Rabbit Pie16151
Bean Burrito9135
Turkey Drumstick7123
Cooked Goose8122
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie8113
Cooked Mutton13109
Pickling Cucumber18101
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie696
Cooked Rabbit782
Cooked Shrimp658
Shucked Ear of Corn854
Wild Garlic740
Cooked Peppered Shrimp327
Bowl of Carnitas220
Bowl of Green Beans618
Cooked Garlic Shrimp218
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10913
Bean Taco112
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink412
Garlic Clove912
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31311
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish11

Today (so far)
Cooked Mutton Pie3153200
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie2862889
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish1392400
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie1171876
Slice of Bread2841863
Wild Carrot2911853
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink1761779
Wild Onion3231770
Burdock Root2071708
Bowl of Stew1361655
Cooked Carrot Pie2291625
Cooked Mutton1931563
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie661329
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie901275
Cooked Berry Pie1551259
Baked Potato971164
Pork Taco47940
Bean Burrito62938
Cooked Rabbit Pie97895
Pickling Cucumber169872
Turkey Drumstick50863
Cactus Fruit97797
Omelette# +contFoodDish64791
Cooked Rabbit69771
Cooked Goose46696
Bean Taco45540
Shucked Ear of Corn83515
Wild Garlic61319
Bowl of Carnitas29298
Cooked Fish12218
Cooked Shrimp19177
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish13156
Cooked Peppered Shrimp16152
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3143139
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10110116
Garlic Clove102112
Bowl of Green Beans48111
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink3193
French Fry with Ketchup888
Cooked Garlic Shrimp981
French Fry1470
Chip with Salsa763
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish160
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum2198660
Tortilla Chip1458
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink1155
Cooked Mutton with Rub540
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart2739
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish436
Bowl of Cooked Beans336
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198220
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish1818
Bowl of Sauerkraut212
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes1010

Cooked Mutton Pie110711449
Wild Onion13317381
Burdock Root8647353
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish3946806
Wild Carrot9936241
Cooked Rabbit Pie5595263
Bowl of Stew4215155
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie2324732
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie4564703
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie3124483
Slice of Bread6594146
Baked Potato3013649
Cooked Berry Pie4203460
Cooked Carrot Pie4553340
Cooked Mutton3893170
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie1742876
Bean Burrito1862806
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink2342381
Omelette# +contFoodDish1732200
Cooked Goose1412166
Pickling Cucumber3922027
Turkey Drumstick1121936
Shucked Ear of Corn2951860
Cooked Rabbit1421560
Cactus Fruit1591389
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish231383
Wild Garlic2361248
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish1231114
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31257831
Pork Taco41830
Bowl of Carnitas79801
Bean Taco66795
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish56673
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink197617
Bowl of Green Beans244567
Cooked Fish31559
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10375417
French Fry with Ketchup34376
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink74370
Garlic Clove261336
French Fry61309
Bowl of Sauerkraut48288
Tortilla Chip53219
Cooked Peppered Shrimp21192
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart134190
Cooked Shrimp16151
Bowl of Cooked Beans12149
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish20144
Cooked Garlic Shrimp13121
Cooked Mutton with Rub15120
Chip with Salsa11102
Spoon of Ice Cream1296
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes7074
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish6161
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198550
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463525
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum4233525
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1463210

Past week
Cooked Mutton Pie754276831
Wild Onion1050458470
Burdock Root645954901
Wild Carrot817751027
Bowl of Stew408049710
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie471147649
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish271246539
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie210442533
Cooked Berry Pie479738935
Cooked Rabbit Pie393536105
Slice of Bread587236051
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie243934641
Cooked Carrot Pie460732998
Cooked Mutton355728828
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink275127752
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie155725147
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish251922808
Baked Potato184222221
Bean Burrito125618893
Pickling Cucumber361018456
Turkey Drumstick87514995
Cooked Goose97614911
Shucked Ear of Corn229114135
Omelette# +contFoodDish100812538
Cooked Rabbit91810042
Cactus Fruit10439050
Wild Garlic15728560
Pork Taco4048124
Bowl of Carnitas6106158
Bean Taco5066105
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3118725998
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish4495406
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish7625367
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish764563
Bowl of Green Beans18483950
French Fry7103581
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_1031123394
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink10043083
Tortilla Chip6882789
Cooked Shrimp3032748
Garlic Clove24672712
Cooked Fish1442604
French Fry with Ketchup2302534
Bowl of Sauerkraut4082453
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink4752397
Chip with Salsa2372155
Bowl of Cooked Beans1692038
Cooked Garlic Shrimp2011817
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes14131452
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart10941395
Cooked Peppered Shrimp1491354
Cooked Mutton with Rub1651325
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish11831183
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum219883831
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum4233154770
Spoon of Ice Cream95760
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum219876760
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum146324120
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum146324120
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14812884
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14811545

Past month
Cooked Mutton Pie64661757396
Cooked Rabbit Pie38160410096
Bowl of Stew20610251060
Burdock Root30339244933
Wild Onion47099242563
Wild Carrot38581229513
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie21301217885
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie10314208135
Cactus Fruit23838193906
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish11139191592
Slice of Bread30150184807
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie12496181135
Cooked Berry Pie19993166957
Cooked Carrot Pie21974152558
Omelette# +contFoodDish8986131826
Cooked Mutton15043126965
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie7632123659
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish12225111231
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink10823109652
Baked Potato814198097
Bean Burrito633496212
Pickling Cucumber1630084460
Cooked Goose501773741
Cooked Rabbit705870031
Shucked Ear of Corn1138667953
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum312129365865
Turkey Drumstick355861131
Pork Taco268053403
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish72743675
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish481334072
Wild Garlic620233031
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish257330780
Cooked Shrimp307827964
Bean Taco223626904
Bowl of Carnitas262626786
French Fry413921087
Cooked Fish114420751
Bowl of Green Beans864819449
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink605019107
French Fry with Ketchup161417901
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_101491117060
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink315116686
Cooked Garlic Shrimp167315179
Bowl of Sauerkraut244514438
Tortilla Chip283211526
Garlic Clove963811415
Bowl of Cooked Beans90110886
Chip with Salsa119410839
Cooked Peppered Shrimp119210804
Cooked Mutton with Rub10278308
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart54847440
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes60616363
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish55385538
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum21983943949
Spoon of Ice Cream4453570
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21983053055
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum42335832943
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14633041524
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1481298900
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1481296896
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463168842

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