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Past Hour
Wild Gooseberry17815343
Cooked Mutton Pie2443172
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie1722752
Cactus Fruit2702160
Burdock Root1631141
Wild Onion206824
Wild Carrot148740
Cooked Rabbit Pie58696
Cooked Carrot Pie80400
Cooked Rabbit41328
Domestic Gooseberry66198
Bowl of Gooseberries120
Cooked Goose216
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart66

Today (so far)
Wild Gooseberry2648979467
Cooked Mutton Pie349345409
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie266042560
Cactus Fruit301024080
Burdock Root265718599
Wild Onion361614464
Wild Carrot205210260
Cooked Rabbit Pie4575484
Domestic Gooseberry15954785
Cooked Rabbit5534424
Cooked Carrot Pie4182090
Cooked Goose40320
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie24312
Bowl of Gooseberries14280
Cooked Mutton14140
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie472
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart5858

Wild Gooseberry3233997017
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie363958224
Cooked Mutton Pie253232916
Cactus Fruit402532200
Burdock Root304521315
Wild Onion442317692
Wild Carrot232711635
Cooked Rabbit Pie6467752
Domestic Gooseberry22686804
Cooked Rabbit5474376
Cooked Carrot Pie6613305
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie59944
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie69897
Cooked Berry Pie66660
Cooked Mutton63630
Bowl of Gooseberries26520
Cooked Goose61488
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie12216
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart1919

Past week
Wild Gooseberry237066711198
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie30290484640
Cactus Fruit29231233848
Cooked Mutton Pie17892232596
Burdock Root21363149541
Wild Onion30525122100
Wild Carrot1569878490
Cooked Rabbit Pie545965508
Domestic Gooseberry1541846254
Cooked Rabbit501840144
Cooked Carrot Pie395719785
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie5507150
Cooked Mutton5855850
Bowl of Gooseberries1833660
Cooked Goose4423536
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie1231968
Cooked Berry Pie1461460
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie651170
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart156156

Past month
Wild Gooseberry13000373900111
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie1319972111952
Cactus Fruit1443211154568
Cooked Mutton Pie65254848302
Burdock Root111888783216
Wild Onion167694670776
Wild Carrot75099375495
Cooked Rabbit Pie31180374160
Domestic Gooseberry100975303278
Cooked Rabbit32541260328
Cooked Carrot Pie26456132280
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie367447761
Cooked Mutton245724570
Cooked Goose198015840
Bowl of Gooseberries78415680
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie60610908
Cooked Berry Pie107110706
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie5989568
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart14541454

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