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Past Hour
Cooked Mutton Pie1171170
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie81810
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie50700
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie31622
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish28476
Cooked Rabbit Pie52468
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish48432
Bowl of Stew33398
Wild Carrot68362
Baked Potato28336
Bean Burrito22330
Cooked Berry Pie39312
Cooked Carrot Pie43301
Cooked Mutton33264
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie16256
Slice of Bread40240
Burdock Root25209
Cooked Goose12180
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink18180
Wild Onion33174
Shucked Ear of Corn25156
Turkey Drumstick9153
Cactus Fruit17146
Pickling Cucumber29145
Pork Taco7140
Tortilla Chip30120
Chip with Salsa13117
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3138114
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish15105
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish896
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink945
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink1545
French Fry945
Garlic Clove3941
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198440
Bean Taco336
French Fry with Ketchup333
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_102828
Wild Garlic526
Omelette# +contFoodDish224
Bowl of Cooked Beans224
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish2020
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes1717
Bowl of Green Beans816
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1481412
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum2198112
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart911
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463210

Today (so far)
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie158015927
Cooked Mutton Pie153815472
Bowl of Stew8279984
Cooked Berry Pie10308390
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie3847717
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie5307486
Cooked Carrot Pie10197206
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish7426722
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish3295617
Baked Potato4405303
Cooked Rabbit Pie5715184
Slice of Bread8024917
Bean Burrito3244873
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink4634660
Wild Onion8374554
Cooked Mutton5444379
Burdock Root4944103
Wild Carrot6553958
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie2453940
Pickling Cucumber5652885
Shucked Ear of Corn4462797
Cactus Fruit2742340
Cooked Goose1322039
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish1531841
Turkey Drumstick1071822
Bean Taco1511820
Pork Taco861741
French Fry2691349
French Fry with Ketchup1131250
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish140982
Cooked Rabbit74850
Wild Garlic158846
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31273827
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink148753
Cooked Shrimp80724
Omelette# +contFoodDish56705
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10629657
Bowl of Sauerkraut98605
Tortilla Chip144578
Garlic Clove518549
Chip with Salsa60544
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish9542
Bowl of Carnitas49502
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink139431
Bowl of Green Beans196403
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes359377
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart217306
Cooked Garlic Shrimp32288
Bowl of Cooked Beans20240
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum423336184
Spoon of Ice Cream15126
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish115115
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198990
Cooked Peppered Shrimp983
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum2198882
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14811854
Cooked Mutton with Rub652
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14631050
Cooked Fish238

Cooked Mutton Pie292929398
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie215121657
Bowl of Stew173821026
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie98719888
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish98316890
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie115316278
Cooked Rabbit Pie155914242
Cooked Berry Pie156612646
Cooked Carrot Pie162111555
Wild Carrot174210631
Burdock Root127110562
Wild Onion193210521
Slice of Bread171410412
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink100210131
Baked Potato7899521
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish10479456
Bean Burrito5067616
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie4647493
Cooked Mutton7335926
Pickling Cucumber11495875
Turkey Drumstick3305672
Shucked Ear of Corn8265122
Cactus Fruit5574819
Cooked Goose2634026
Pork Taco1923861
Omelette# +contFoodDish2653300
Cooked Rabbit2682920
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum316422026
Bean Taco1621970
Wild Garlic3401845
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish291742
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish1441740
Bowl of Carnitas1401420
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink4411337
Bowl of Green Beans6111305
French Fry2491261
Bowl of Sauerkraut2011221
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_1010291111
Cooked Shrimp1131021
Garlic Clove872987
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink183927
Bowl of Cooked Beans73881
French Fry with Ketchup77861
Cooked Garlic Shrimp89803
Cooked Fish40726
Cooked Peppered Shrimp77697
Tortilla Chip162664
Chip with Salsa67623
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart398580
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish69514
Cooked Mutton with Rub63512
Spoon of Ice Cream63508
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes479499
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish378378
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum423367337
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum219821216
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum219821210
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14811854
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14811751
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum146315

Past week
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie18260184762
Cooked Mutton Pie18028181877
Cooked Berry Pie17265140535
Wild Carrot22173136788
Cooked Rabbit Pie14620135308
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish7585130558
Bowl of Stew10669129347
Burdock Root14548122141
Wild Onion21844119153
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie5851118063
Cooked Carrot Pie1320995641
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink909292164
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie637290622
Slice of Bread1379484554
Baked Potato550266473
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie387662861
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish563151033
Pickling Cucumber943648577
Cooked Mutton554445054
Bean Burrito289043664
Turkey Drumstick249342875
Shucked Ear of Corn658540999
Cooked Goose242737389
Omelette# +contFoodDish237930151
Cooked Rabbit261028796
Pork Taco140628286
Cactus Fruit277524076
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31713122568
Wild Garlic338218247
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish26916178
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish126515306
Bowl of Carnitas137513939
Bean Taco95111562
Cooked Shrimp118610750
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish147110484
Bowl of Green Beans40769206
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink26768407
Bowl of Sauerkraut13028026
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink14707474
French Fry14717469
Garlic Clove63407456
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_1064567306
French Fry with Ketchup5496123
Cooked Garlic Shrimp6405782
Cooked Fish2534583
Bowl of Cooked Beans3484205
Cooked Peppered Shrimp4313887
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart25983435
Tortilla Chip8323383
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes29673150
Cooked Mutton with Rub3452821
Chip with Salsa2832620
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish22642264
Spoon of Ice Cream2091693
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum42332161103
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21981071078
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum219885850
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1463118593
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1481118354
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum148191275
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum146354270

Past month
Cooked Mutton Pie1030461139730
Cooked Rabbit Pie63884647354
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie63131639272
Bowl of Stew45345549304
Burdock Root57413474063
Wild Carrot78010473473
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish27325469204
Cooked Berry Pie56562462741
Wild Onion86338458768
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie19523393065
Cooked Carrot Pie49669351103
Slice of Bread57353350905
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie24170346535
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink31300316575
Baked Potato23572284155
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie14424233188
Cactus Fruit28295232962
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish24837225819
Bean Burrito14061212860
Cooked Mutton23574195864
Omelette# +contFoodDish12946181421
Pickling Cucumber33538173093
Pork Taco7822156722
Turkey Drumstick8963153763
Shucked Ear of Corn24855151118
Cooked Goose9470141929
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3137080114488
Cooked Rabbit10786111375
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish588270900
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish110066144
Wild Garlic1163663478
Bowl of Carnitas583459018
Bean Taco483258370
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish718550826
French Fry859843388
Cooked Shrimp451540973
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink1178637152
Bowl of Green Beans1600734853
Bowl of Sauerkraut530432584
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_102649930310
French Fry with Ketchup265029381
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink555828973
Cooked Garlic Shrimp286525889
Garlic Clove2119424758
Cooked Fish131223772
Bowl of Cooked Beans151418302
Cooked Mutton with Rub200916393
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes1546116206
Tortilla Chip394616136
Cooked Peppered Shrimp169815326
Chip with Salsa159514613
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart1035713763
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish1090710907
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21988958973
Spoon of Ice Cream10318331
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum21984834830
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum42339144637
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14634862455
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14634002025
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14815901807
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14815961796

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