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Recommendedby Sad game
698.1 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 3 days ago

This game describes the love of mother and family

Nobody can live forever and their life is limited.

The only thing player can leave is their bone and what they've made.

But what in earth do they've manufactured or harvested good for themselves after death?

It barely effects players next game so It means nothing as well.

Everyth ing is meaningless afterlife then ...

Recommendedby Mercury Lee
685.8 hours on record
Posted 4 months agoLast Played 3 days ago

Lived so many times
and died uncountable deaths.
I left a trace too.

Recommendedby demonicblack
658.4 hours on record
Posted 25 hours agoLast Played 3 hours ago

piglets!!! cows!!! and dogs!!! omg im in love
420 mushroom cult 4 life!!
tbh i would like some more content updates
but my review still stands great game

Recommendedby AAA Pizza
641.4 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 5 hours ago

My mother was a baker in a big village. I grew up by her fire, learning to bake all kinds of pies. I continued her baking legacy after her death. Then I passed on the baking to a little boy in town.

Recommendedby MsBee
625.8 hours on record
Posted 57 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

We want coordinates! :)
We want to give people our last name when we name them if they weren't named as baby.
We want private servers, because it's too hard to keep your Eve spawn if people spawn into the empty server you were on.
We want to be able to continue playing in the same village.

Recommendedby WEST
616.8 hours on record
Posted 7 days agoLast Played 10 hours ago

Great game! So many hours of fun!
Just had a life in the West Family, and met a new Player that did really well farming.
If u read this: Good Job man! Keep it going.
Sad thing is that we did not have any girls left...

Lets hope for more next life.

9 of 10

repost for time

Recommendedby Kailied
614.8 hours on record
Posted 11 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

I don't always play server 1, but when I do..
It's usually the most adorable, fun, and fulfilling life.

Recommendedby Laugh
607.6 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 10 hours ago

Great game. I always look forward to the updates. They change the dynamics of the game each time.

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