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Recommendedby OK
524.9 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 9 days ago

Recommendedby Laugh
523.3 hours on record
Posted 11 days agoLast Played 20 minutes ago

Great game. I always look forward to the updates. They change the dynamics of the game each time.

Recommendedby AAA Pizza
518.1 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 6 hours ago

My mother was a baker in a big village. I grew up by her fire, learning to bake all kinds of pies. I continued her baking legacy after her death. Then I passed on the baking to a little boy in town.

Recommendedby Kailied
506.9 hours on record
Posted 5 days agoLast Played 3 hours ago

I figured out how to update my review.

Recommendedby ALLERIA
501.3 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 45 hours ago

New update is awesome. The game is very balanced currently. If you're considering getting the game, I highly recommend playing as an Eve and learning the basics. Go into the game with the expectation of dying young and dying often.

This isn't just a game. OHOL will teach you more about the human condition than any book.

This is a must play for anyone with a passing interest in phil...

Recommendedby RedBack
494.3 hours on record
Posted 24 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started
Starship - We Built This City
Madonna - Nothing Really Matters
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
Children Collide - Farewell Rocketship

Recommendedby Aurora Aurora
479.3 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 33 hours ago

Good game :v)

Recommendedby Mercury Lee
476.7 hours on record
Posted 45 days agoLast Played 5 hours ago

Lived so many times
and died uncountable deaths.
I left a trace too.

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