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Recommendedby Aurora Aurora
388.0 hours on record
Posted 23 hours agoLast Played 11 hours ago

Good game :v)

Recommendedby AAA
386.6 hours on record
Posted 33 days agoLast Played 7 minutes ago

Just checking my hours.

Recommendedby AAA Pizza
377.8 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 5 days ago

My mother was a baker in a big village. I grew up by her fire, learning to bake all kinds of pies. I continued her baking legacy after her death. Then I passed on the baking to a little boy in town.

Recommendedby nonongwie
366.3 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 26 hours ago


I am Korean and I am not good at English.

I've been playing this game for over 200 hours.

I don't know about the technical problems of the game.

But I want to point out a serious problem about this game.

First of all, I would like a system to impose penalties on users who commit abnormal behavior that ruins the game.

This is a matter of the ...

Recommendedby kubassa
356.0 hours on record
Posted 51 days agoLast Played 22 days ago


Decay was fixed now the game flow much better and the later review is something of the past.

If you enjoy messing around for a hour or two crafting stuff and surviving it's a great game for 20 dollars.

Also good to help an indie game creator.

8 out of 10

This game was fun.

The new update ruined it.

Baskets, clothes, tools and everyth...

Recommendedby 2LaughOr2Cry
355.7 hours on record
Posted 6 days agoLast Played 24 hours ago

Love it and hate it at the same time. I'm good and bad at it at the same time. It is simple and difficult at the same time.

Recommendedby Cabra
353.8 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 4 hours ago

I love this game!

Recommendedby Eve-rlastingGamer
317.9 hours on record
Posted 53 days agoLast Played 2 days ago

This rendition of the failing game One Hour One Life has breathed a much needed energy into the game. The players all try to be kind and considerate of each other. The map is full of possibilities. Crafting has taken a new turn with the many arrays of foods, clothes, and other items.

It's a winning combination. I myself purchased an original account on OHOL a while ago. As a seasoned p...

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