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Recommendedby just checking
1,486.5 hour on record
Posted 13 months agoLast Played 17 days ago

game is good i guess

Recommendedby Wolvenscar
1,317.9 hour on record
Posted 16 months agoLast Played 14 days ago

Really awesome game! Highly recommended :)

Its a game that has a steep learning curve in the beginning. It can be challenging but you just need to spend some time to learn the recipes and get good at them. This game requires players to work together to create a thriving community.

You start from gathering, basic crafting, to farming, smithing, raising animals, cooking and building!<...

Recommendedby ToManyHoursPlayed
1,299.7 hour on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 4 days ago

I like this game and also dislike this game. Have quit a few times and came back when updates seemed interesting.

Might end up the best game I've played or it may end up a game you never tell anyone you played for the shame.

We are all just testers for Jason's mad ideas.

Recommendedby Mercury Lee
1,298.8 hour on record
Posted 19 months agoLast Played 26 hours ago

Lived so many times
and died uncountable deaths.
I left a trace too.

Recommendedby TABLE TENNIS
1,264.1 hour on record
Posted 6 months agoLast Played 2 hours ago

Good game, but Jason goes crazy with the updates sometimes and fucks shit up.

Recommendedby Venus
1,258.7 hour on record
Posted 16 months agoLast Played 8 hours ago

Absolutely love this game! Would 100% recommend to people looking for a unique multiplayer game. So many great lives, all so unique.

Recommendedby RedBack
1,213.2 hour on record
Posted 18 months agoLast Played 14 hours ago

The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started
Starship - We Built This City
Madonna - Nothing Really Matters
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
Children Collide - Farewell Rocketship

Recommendedby Xan
1,139.6 hour on record
Posted 20 months agoLast Played 58 days ago

The big farm update is the best update so far. I love sharing stew with my family. It gives me time to spend more time with my children and makes the game not feel like such a rush. It seems the game culture has improved because of it.

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