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Not Recommendedby growcarrots
295.8 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

My reviews always flip flop from update to update. OHOL is a fun game that has given me many many hours of enjoyment since I first purchased it. The lineage ban is both a wonderful and terrible thing in and of itself. Great: The troll that was ruining things for everyone? Gone for three hours. Terrible: "sorry baby." Having had a village essentially ban you for three hours for being born at the wrong time is an incredibly frustrating experience. Good: This stretches out the population so everyone isn't spawning into the same town all at once. Awful: You are going to get a lot of eve spawns. This update has caused me to go from the occasional baby suicide to 100% baby suicide on eve camps or eve spawns. A game in some sort of sense should be fun. Spending an hour to improve a village where everyone dies five minutes later isn't fun, it's just tedious work.

Do I think the game is bad? Not in the least. Do I think the game is worth the price tag? Of course I do. Should I have to spend thirty minutes repeatedly killing myself to have any sort of enjoyment? This is a great game that often chooses directions that I don't enjoy. This is probably the one thing I won't get over.
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