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Recommendedby kutte
1,446.4 hour on record
Posted 2.6 years agoLast Played 5 months ago

butter knife op

Recommendedby suopiisami
1,434.3 hour on record
Posted 3.0 years agoLast Played 4 days ago

The infant death rate is kinda nasty, but when you get your civilization going theres no other game that delivers the same experience. So much depht and this has just begun...

Recommendedby Wolvenscar
1,384.5 hour on record
Posted 2.4 years agoLast Played 6 months ago

Really awesome game! Highly recommended :)

Its a game that has a steep learning curve in the beginning. It can be challenging but you just need to spend some time to learn the recipes and get good at them. This game requires players to work together to create a thriving community.

You start from gathering, basic crafting, to farming, smithing, raising animals, cooking and building!<...

Recommendedby Jinbaili
1,346.8 hour on record
Posted 17 months agoLast Played 6 hours ago

Recent updates flipped the game on its head. Most bugs and issues are fixed now but others remain. Some people hate it and leave, some stay and hope it will get better. If You wish to become a guinea pig in Jason's lab give it a try, I don't regret it. One Hour One Life - a social experiment or monumental art piece build for glory of its creator but not a game like you might expect.

Recommendedby Alice
1,290.9 hour on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 7 hours ago

If you are looking for a unique, cooperative game, give this a try!

Recommendedby Nova
1,281.4 hour on record
Posted 2.6 years agoLast Played 8 days ago

I find this game fascinating. On the one hand, it's a very challenging survival, crafting, and civilization-buildin g game. (Seriously, the learning curve on this thing is steep, so you do need to have some patience with it when you start out. But learning things and eventually getting good at them is very satisfying when it happens.)

On the other hand, it's also sort of an odd social expe...

Recommendedby SoS
1,274.6 hour on record
Posted 8 months agoLast Played 24 hours ago

Although this game has it's flaws, there is potential.
There are many things I disagree with, but I am curious to see where this game will go in the near future. I would like to see a difference between the wood that each tree produces for building, crafting and so on.

Recommendedby TABLE TENNIS
1,273.3 hour on record
Posted 19 months agoLast Played 7 months ago

Good game, but Jason goes crazy with the updates sometimes and fucks shit up.

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