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Not Recommendedby Tipy
581.1 hours on record
Posted 31 days agoLast Played 13 days ago

The dev is high on meth. He has done nothing but make the game boring. The player numbers don't even reach 100 players at peak hours. As the wise intellectual Spoonwood once said:
''Run away from this game. If you can't run away from this game, jog away from this game. If you can't jog away from this game, walk away. Permanently. Forever. And don't turn back.''

Not Recommendedby LAG LAG LAG
553.7 hours on record
Posted 20 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

Since we get more players in this game, the game become lag as hell. Optimization didnt not work, I found this game great but I cant play laggy as hell or can take to be disconnected because servers can handle so much ppl. I dont think it will improve, if you are thinking about buying this game, get a time machine and buy it three months ago, when it worked great. Its a shame such good game has th...

Not Recommendedby Howls
466.0 hours on record
Posted 8 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

Good game, but the frequent reworkings and updates make it unpredictable. I enjoy the premise and the experiences I've had in it throughout my time, but it's definitely not for someone who likes stable, consistent gameplay.

Not Recommendedby Buck
461.8 hours on record
Posted 10 months agoLast Played 40 hours ago

Lagging problem, low framework.

Not Recommendedby F Train
447.0 hours on record
Posted 16 months agoLast Played 12 months ago

Thanks Jason, thanks for the mosquitoes. With no way to combat these they make the game annoying at best and aggravating to no end end, at worst. I can no longer recommend this game. All the new players have been betrayed, is this so he can keep the numbers on the servers low?

Not Recommendedby AuroraAurora
378.8 hours on record
Posted 20 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

Best Game i get to make glorious stew tacos and burritos

Not Recommendedby Connection lost....
371.4 hours on record
Posted 22 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

Connection lost...cant even play after so called fix ,If i stand still not touching my mouse for more than two seconds as an adult female Insta DC!... Only to get going and wiped out by one griefer... like the community isnt small enough ......One less good player

Not Recommendedby DayLily
317.3 hours on record
Posted 18 months agoLast Played 16 months ago

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