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Not Recommendedby AuroraAurora
359.3 hours on record
Posted 9 months agoLast Played 7 hours ago

Best Game i get to make glorious stew tacos and burritos

Not Recommendedby watever
356.4 hours on record
Posted 10 months agoLast Played 8 hours ago

this game use to be fun but it really suck now! your friggin game forced me to commit suicide non-stop for a hour because i dont want to be eve or her first baby, the eve situation should be pretty rare but its the opposite now. i rez as eve most of the time and i really hate this! fix your shitty game NOW!

Not Recommendedby FeignedSanity
325.5 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 2 days ago

I think this is an amazing game. I've personally absolutely been enamored by it. But I can't recommend it. There's a bit of a griefing problem that needs to be addressed, and I'm not sure it can be fixed. If you have a few friends and want to play on a private server, that's fine. But this isn't what I enjoy about the game. I love meeting complete strangers and being a part of the society until yo...

Not Recommendedby Connection lost....
322.3 hours on record
Posted 11 months agoLast Played 10 months ago

Connection lost...cant even play after so called fix ,If i stand still not touching my mouse for more than two seconds as an adult female Insta DC!... Only to get going and wiped out by one griefer... like the community isnt small enough ......One less good player

Not Recommendedby DayLily
317.3 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 5 months ago

Not Recommendedby lintilla
252.5 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

Died about three times before someone successfully raised me. I just had my first daughter when it lost connection. This is so frustrating!!

Not Recommendedby SparkleTwinkle
239.1 hours on record
Posted 11 months agoLast Played 43 days ago

"All things run out", including my positive feelings for the game. Learning is hard. Teaching is hard. In the name of "decay" simple mundane tasks that were easy to teach have become complex. Trying to make things realistic and decay and expire has just caused no one to use these once crucial things. Clothes rot and milkweed no longer respawns, soil runs out. Even if you live a bountiful life and ...

Not Recommendedby update
219.3 hours on record
Posted 10 months agoLast Played 26 days ago

the owner added a new update.
that new update does so you need a soil for every time something is depleted. so every time you start a new character, then its almost impossible to get going.

you neeed!!! to be lucky and spawn in a perfect location. which happens to also be almost impossible.

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