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Not Recommendedby player8
1,045.5 hour on record
Posted 4.7 years agoLast Played 4.6 years ago

The sword was the most fun thing in the game, even after the shift-click update. People were joining raids and having the best lives they had had in the game while doing so. I loved it and I lead maybe over a hundred wars and raids on towns. Then the rift came, causing the crafting players to riot and grief the life out of it, giving us a moment of freedom when it was lifted. I even made a map in MS Paint and shared it on discord so we could find other towns with out the rift. Then the latest update put back the rift (terrible idea, Jason. Just delete it please) and nerfed the sword to the point of being a useless no-fun item that you get shanked for even making in the first place. I really liked Jason's designs before and the freedom to raid was one of the things that kept me addicted all through summer. I even kept making fences while I was defending towns, it just worked. Now I doubt there will be much wars anymore and the limitations on cutting trees, declaring wars, using swords and spawning have the game feeling like there's only a certain way you can play the game, and that's roleplaying like Sims and crafting on a very finite crafting tree that I doubt will ever increase notably in size. Also the community is garbage, people are mean, high-horsed and picky and the game changes dramatically every two weeks to the point you wouldn't even recognize it if you didn't play for a month. Wouldn't recommend, feels like doing auto-lobotomy.
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