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Not Recommendedby The_Anabaptist
762.9 hours on record
Posted 11 months agoLast Played 6 days ago

Update to my previous review:

The game in its current state means that you will not get to play. You will be born. There may not be a mother who can feed you and the dozen other babies crying for a teat. Depending on the "arc" being born as an Eve may or may not be available.
You no longer have the choice of playing this game when you want to.

Yes, negative reviews will wake me right up! Everyone band together NOW. Only together can you stop me! - The developer's own words.

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I cannot recommend this game to parents with impressionable children, which is basically all of them.

When I bought this game, it was promoted as a group activity for progressing thru stages of civilization while trying to stave off or outrun concurrent waves of resource shortfalls. I enjoyed this aspect of the game.

However , the developer has released a number of updates that increases player on player strife. This most often takes the form of hate speech by players and willfully negative play styles that ruin civilizations and actively cut short many players lives.

At this point, I consider this game little more than a tool to radicalize impressionable youth into thinking that hating people based on gender, skin tone, tribe, etc. is acceptable either in game or in real life.

Many will disagree with me, but I would say in closing "Consider this your warning."
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