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Recommendedby TheSamWish
333.3 hours on record
Posted 7 days agoLast Played 13 hours ago

I'm still not sure how I feel about having life tokens. I don't like having a limit on how much I can play but on the other hand, I don't use the die command very often so I haven't ran out of lives yet. (or come anywhere close) I have noticed that a lot less babies are quitting, but it still does happen. I mostly just want to see how many hours I have played... shhhh...

Recommendedby ma
39.8 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 19 hours ago

Best game ever.

Recommendedby Cornelito
71.1 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 18 hours ago

I love the game, but why is it so slow? It might just be me but for me the characters move much slower. I played this on my other computer, it was fine but not here.

Recommendedby LOWIMPACT
299.2 hours on record
Posted 10 days agoLast Played 10 days ago


Recommendedby Tarr
1,820.4 hours on record
Posted 11 days agoLast Played 7 days ago

While ohol is not a perfect game it is an ever evolving game. Jason is taking steps in the correct direction to try to fix some of the underlying problems with the game and that's great.

Recommendedby lowlowlow ok
474.9 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 7 days ago

Endlich wasser fuer meine neue aquamala! allemala Aquamala! Spiel GUT!

Recommendedby Disney
167.4 hours on record
Posted 14 days agoLast Played 32 hours ago

I Thought of some stuff that could be added,
Rain (so when it rains it refills wells,ponds and waters crops but also puts out fires and fired forges.
Big cats in the jungle that can be bred to have domestic cats.
more use of dogs like they could hunt rabbits.
Males have more use, like males can lift more heavier things then females can.
Some way to carry your baby on your head with...

Recommendedby Aurelius
80.7 hours on record
Posted 15 days agoLast Played 15 days ago

So I take it the apocalypse has set everything back?

This is not terrible, but if it was done due to over-consumption of resources, I think we should consider a respawn time for things in their biomes.

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