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Recommendedby TheSamWish
402.1 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 40 hours ago

I hate the rift. It wouldn't be so bad if it were bigger. I understand not having a giant world map but this map in the rift is way too tiny. There needs to be a balance between how huge the map used to be and how tiny it is now.

Recommendedby Gellygel
526.9 hours on record
Posted 13 days agoLast Played 37 hours ago

great game, want to check my hours XD

Recommendedby demonicblack
1,441.0 hour on record
Posted 15 days agoLast Played 19 hours ago

even tho i dont like the rift the fixes jason is implementing are really nice

Recommendedby MuffinTopz
388.8 hours on record
Posted 25 days agoLast Played 22 days ago

Just checking my hours.

So happy were RIFT-FREE!!!

Recommendedby Great game.
102.6 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 38 hours ago

This game is great. That's all. It's just "great".

Recommendedby bunny
247.4 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

cool shit

Recommendedby MapleSugar
144.8 hours on record
Posted 37 days agoLast Played 4 days ago

Greatest game ever

Recommendedby enzo
192.2 hours on record
Posted 39 days agoLast Played 15 days ago

I really loved this game. It was really relaxing playing this game and funny not to know weither or not your genealogy will survive. Or maybe someone one day will find this camp and use it. It was the legacy that was important. But since you closed this world, i feel so frustrated every time i play. i bump every life on the four corner of the map. i feel trap inside.
I understand very well tha...

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