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Recommendedby elmiste
676.4 hours on record
Posted 25 days agoLast Played 72 minutes ago


Recommendedby Ethan
37.3 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 21 days ago

I don't care enough to check on the website the most recent update was, the genetic fitiness update is running the game for me. The way I saw the game was a social exparament, you could do whatever you wanted in and grow a civalisation, and it use to be fun. It still is and all the machines you can make work perfectly in my oppion. The genetic fitness is so trash. It suppose to pretty much grade y...

Recommendedby 0000000
17.8 hours on record
Posted 29 days agoLast Played 29 days ago

Recommendedby MaDc0w
255.9 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 6 days ago

WIth the Rift and nerfing this game recieved it gets old fast.

Game lacks content. It's still a great game even with it's weaker player base.

Recommendedby V3tint
251.8 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 104 minutes ago

What are you waiting for?? Just get it and you will be glad you did. You will spend more money on AAA games and get less out of them than this gem. 10 out of 10 and it keeps getting better and challenging with age. New things to do and new situations every time you play 100% of the time. Love it!

Recommendedby MuffinTopz
410.4 hours on record
Posted 34 days agoLast Played 19 days ago

I can see how many hours I got now. Oh and I'm still playing this crazy game.

Recommendedby Aribear
446.6 hours on record
Posted 34 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

Still addicted over one year later

Recommendedby shi
0 seconds on record
Posted 35 days agoLast Played 35 days ago

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