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Recommendedby hanesura
25 minutes on record
Posted 14 days agoLast Played 14 days ago

Recommendedby pauloo
216.2 hours on record
Posted 15 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

this game is just awesome
come to join us

Recommendedby CrazyGamer
11.3 hours on record
Posted 19 days agoLast Played 2 months ago

This is a great game! It is very fun to play, however it can get quite challenging, especially for new players. I love this game, but I definitely recommend watching YouTube videos, and reading a bunch of tutorials online before you start, because going into the game with no knowledge of how anything works is deadly. (Being a male is great when you are first learning because you don't have to worr...

Recommendedby Disney
447.4 hours on record
Posted 21 days agoLast Played 73 minutes ago

I Thought of some stuff that could be added,
Rain (so when it rains it refills wells,ponds and waters crops but also puts out fires and fired forges.
Big cats in the jungle that can be bred to have domestic cats.
more use of dogs like they could hunt rabbits.
Males have more use, like males can lift more heavier things then females can.
Some way to carry your baby on your head with...

Recommendedby anandamide
212.0 hours on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 18 days ago

My favorite still is playing as eve.

Recommendedby Josef Stalin
124.0 hours on record
Posted 23 days agoLast Played 33 hours ago

good game I just want to see how many hours I have in it

Recommendedby Chase B
6.1 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 21 days ago

This game masters the indie-survival genre while diverging from other beloved works such as Don't Starve. It puts a very refreshing spin on the classics with added cooperation and difficulty, and the realistic and philosophical approach of a set lifespan in which you strive to achieve the most and leave a lasting mark on the world.

Recommendedby Euan
53.4 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 11 days ago

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