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Recommendedby Enjoizak
53.0 hours on record
Posted 23 hours agoLast Played 65 minutes ago

The game is really good however to help prevent griefers or trolls i think some mechanics should be changed. For example when someone stabs someone with a knife there is no downside they can just hide behind a tree and nobody can touch them i think upon murdering someone the murder weapon should be dropped giving others a chance to kill the murderer. Its very annoying when a whole civilization is ...

Recommendedby BakedMongoose
32.8 hours on record
Posted 25 hours agoLast Played 11 hours ago

The game is amazing, it's really fun to play even when you end up starving to death. It is not fun, however, to be murdered for no reason every other life. The main negative aspect of the game is the murder system. There is no way to survive an attack, and what ends up happening is as soon as someone makes a knife for crafting, another person picks it up and kills everyone, one at a time. This nee...

Recommendedby Swat_210
6.9 hours on record
Posted 37 hours agoLast Played 29 hours ago

its a very good game if you are interested in a survival game, creating your civilization or help others to create that, you can also do a lot of things like cook, hunt, build, but you need to remember that only the most strong its going to survive

Recommendedby wd
50 minutes on record
Posted 42 hours agoLast Played 42 hours ago

you should have a place that you could see how to make stuff from denmark

Recommendedby daddi
4.7 hours on record
Posted 2 days agoLast Played 29 hours ago

I dont know if you can use a mouse pad or keypad

Recommendedby Hi
6.6 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 17 hours ago

Recommendedby Early Deaths
5.0 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 19 hours ago

I keep getting abandoned by my mothers D: Life is tough

Recommendedby Garrett
38.8 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 26 hours ago

Great game, you really get feelings for your little people that you give birth to and stuff, I love the new farming mechanics and stuff. Overall recommended buying!

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