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Recommendedby GABRIELLE
377.1 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 3 months ago

I really love this game and will always play it. That being said the game is getting stale due to two things. The first thing is the road, I liked the game so much more before they added the road, everyone is just way to close together now. There isn't even any war anymore so being close just sucks. The second thing is that the servers just don't get reset enough. I haven't been in a town that doesn't have ten crocks of soup since I can remember. It needs to be challenging again. that is what it boils down to really. Without any challenge, there isn't any fun. I just spent a whole life reorganizing a single room. A single room! I had to do this because people can make stuff way to easily in these big servers, and so there is something on every tile. Please, just get rid of all these updates trying to make the game easier and let people do what they will with it.
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