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Recommendedby fennet
111.4 hours on record
Posted 21 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

Posting to see my gameplay hours (would be nice to see these in a different way--are these reviews posted publicly?) Anyway, love the game, ty xo

Recommendedby Lizzee
1,132.7 hour on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 9 hours ago

I laugh, I cry, but mostly I die.

Recommendedby Alice
1,290.9 hour on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 8 hours ago

If you are looking for a unique, cooperative game, give this a try!

Recommendedby trekkieA
642.2 hours on record
Posted 22 days agoLast Played 22 days ago

Love the game, love the community, love my family!

Recommendedby pangaea
951.7 hours on record
Posted 25 days agoLast Played 21 days ago


Recommendedby i love this game
118.6 hours on record
Posted 41 days agoLast Played 7 days ago

this game is awesome! my dad got me it its just amazing!!!!

Recommendedby Liberator I
11.6 hours on record
Posted 42 days agoLast Played 41 days ago

I am The Tutorial Liberator, First By Her Name (I guess it was Eve Liberatore or something)!
Join my cult!
Free all tutorial sisters!
I freed myself, went south with my wooden sledge and tools in it, freed one sister, and chanted revolutionary slogans of my cult. But it was a pity that she was even older than I was.
So I went further south, and was killed by a wolf....

Recommendedby Tea
2,409.0 hours on record
Posted 48 days agoLast Played 30 days ago

Been playing since pretty much the beginning and I kinda wanna know how much time I have spend on this game.

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