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11,757,842 lives lived for a total of 3,234,895 hours
2,018,088 people lived past age fifty-five
957 generations in longest family line
1496 monuments completed, 5106 in progress
Current player arc has been going 1002352 years
Previous arc lasted 1228 years

a multiplayer survival game of parenting
and civilization building by Jason Rohrer
2292 Player Reviews, 93% Positive


No middle-person


Open Source
  • Lifetime server account
  • All future updates
  • Unlock on Steam
  • Full source code
  • Tech support included
Available now for $20

This game is about playing one small part in a much larger story. You only live an hour, but time and space in this game is infinite. You can only do so much in one lifetime, but the tech tree in this game will take hundreds of generations to fully explore. This game is also about family trees. Having a mother who takes care of you as a baby, and hopefully taking care of a baby yourself later in life. And your mother is another player. And your baby is another player. Building something to use in your lifetime, but inevitably realizing that, in the end, what you build is not for YOU, but for your children and all the countless others that will come after you. Proudly using your grandmother's ax, and then passing it on to your own grandchild as the end of your life nears. And looking at each life as a unique story. I was this kid born in this situation, but I eventually grew up. I built a bakery near the wheat fields. Over time, I watched my grandmother and mother grow old and die. I had some kids of my own along the way, but they are grown now... and look at my character now! She's an old woman. What a life passed by in this little hour of mine. After I die, this life will be over and gone forever. I can be born again, but I can never live this unique story again. Everything's changing. I'll be born as a different person in a different place and different time, with another unique story to experience in the next hour...

....Progress Report....
80 natural objects
(latest: Tarry Spot)
22 playable characters 3272 human-makeable objects
(latest: Additional Methman Monument)
139,496 lines of code

What you get
Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive an email with an access link. You will then be able to download all of the following DRM-free distributions:
  • Windows build
  • GNU/Linux build (compiled on 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Full source code bundle (compile it yourself)
The price also includes downloads of all future updates and a lifetime account on the main game server that I am running.

The source bundle includes the editor and server software, allowing you to set up and run your own server or even leverage the engine to make your own game. See OneLife/documentation in the source bundle for instructions.

You can take a look at the system requirements.

93% Positive Reviews:
Recent Reviews:

Sharpie (1,277.5 hour on record)
Posted 16 days ago

Love it! This mod is a fantastic solution if your cursor gives out. WASD-control and additional hotkeys allow you to access the main controls.

Additional feature that could be helpful would be a hotkey to dress children and a hotkey to get rid of your own outfit as an elder. Both of these things can be worked around in a developed town though and it doesn't affect the helpfulness of this m...

potato (336.1 hours on record)
Posted 25 days ago

I am a living potato, and I rarely play video games. But as a sentient being I sometimes do.

0000000 (43.2 hours on record)
Posted 25 days ago

Mythic (1,262.6 hour on record)
Posted 31 days ago

Hi spoon

rerererererereformed (63.7 hours on record)
Posted 32 days ago

game ok

May (908.3 hours on record)
Posted 37 days ago

I just wanna check my playtime

sfsjafjaf (242.6 hours on record)
Posted 42 days ago

game better

Oliver (78.1 hours on record)
Posted 45 days ago

Very fun, made my first van just now, immediately got stolen XD.

Very fun, recommend.

Ju st get passed the learning curve.

Pomelo (66.1 hours on record)
Posted 45 days ago

I love this game!

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Top Playtime Reviews:

Morti (4,472.0 hours on record)
Posted 5.8 years ago

I think my time played speaks for itself.

Luniatji (4,122.5 hours on record)
Posted 3.3 years ago

Great game, would recommend it. Every game is different but the same at the same time, its great.

demonicblack (3,676.1 hours on record)
Posted 4.5 years ago

even tho i dont like the rift the fixes jason is implementing are really nice

tifaclocxii02 (3,620.5 hours on record)
Posted 53 days ago

i just wanna see how many hour i have

BubblyBee (3,546.0 hours on record)
Posted 11 months ago

This is the one game I always come back to. It's ruined my life :)

Bloom (3,353.8 hours on record)
Posted 4 months ago

No life is ever quite the same. Some things are complicated (playing on Mac, well progression, specialty biomes) but once you get over the learning curve its a lot of fun!

shakir polachek (3,338.4 hours on record)
Posted 23 months ago

no se que pasa pero quiero jugar y constantemente aparecen cosas por favor fijate si podes eliminar a la persona que lo esta haciendo

Tea (2,893.0 hours on record)
Posted 3.1 years ago

Been playing since pretty much the beginning and I kinda wanna know how much time I have spend on this game.

Nobody (2,748.1 hours on record)
Posted 13 months ago

Just checking my hours. :P

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7% Negative Reviews:
Recent Reviews:

Not Recommended
ggg (376.9 hours on record)
Posted 4 days ago


Not Recommended
Spoonwood (3,050.0 hours on record)
Posted 53 days ago

I just want to see how many hours I have.

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Top Playtime Reviews:

Not Recommended
Spoonwood (3,050.0 hours on record)
Posted 53 days ago

I just want to see how many hours I have.

Not Recommended
Siyona (1,224.7 hour on record)
Posted 3.8 years ago

OH, PLEASE.... You've got to upgrade user interface in this game first. Make NO MORE complicated rules and stuff. I am tired to get new ppl to know some rules such as like hierarchical leadership shit or freakin yum system. I think only few players read your update news or forum, but many players get infomation IN THE GAME. You should know that. Sorry for the English. cause I don't speak English. ...

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Update: Author Credit
February 16, 2024


Content made with the Editor now tracks authorship using a hash of your account's email address or Steam ID. When you export contents as OXZ files to share with others, your authorship hash goes with your content. Thus, over time, we can keep track of the portion of the content that each person contributes. This will be important in connection to the plan for Another Hour Another Planet, which I will explain here.
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Fan Art: by Yamina S.
December 18, 2021


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User Story: The Tale of Scott Silverthorn, by MaggieMurdoch
October 30, 2018

this is a tale of one of my last lives, sometimes I live very mundane and uneventful lives but other times I find one that stays with me and makes me think about it...This was one of those lives.

I was born a baby boy to a woman named Samantha Silverthorn in a tiny settlement, as I was born my older brother Lason was visiting, my mother had six children before me and had one after me, surviving to adulthood there was only me, my big brother Lason, my big sister Freyja and and my younger sister Liza. When I was born my mother gave me a single snake skin boot.
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