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a multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building by Jason Rohrer and Tom Bailey

....Progress Report....
49 natural objects
(latest: Flat Rock)
2 playable characters 250 human-makeable objects
(latest: Large Slow Fire)

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Early alpha testing coming
February 17, 2017

Friends and family testing has been going well. We're right on the verge of being ready for some early, small-scale public alpha testing. The game is in a pretty stable state with a comprehensive batch of starter content (from rocks all the way to forging steel---each game system has an example piece of content in place).

The art collective where we have office space is losing its lease, so we're in the middle of an upheaval as we prepare to move to a new office. As soon as we're settled there, we'll be working on another few weeks of solid content creation. At that point, we'll be contacting our early alpha testers and delivering builds to people.
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