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#2 Re: Main Forum » User Story: Prelude and Chapter One: Ashe Atlas » 2021-01-16 20:43:27

Oh boy. What a way to welcome you to the forum. We don’t fight that much, promise. We are a great community for the most part.

#4 Re: Main Forum » You Are Hope Sequel to be released on PC, iOS, and Android in 2021 » 2020-12-14 18:32:48

Did they eventually give credit to Jason? I remember there was drama with that but I forgot how it ended.

#5 Re: Main Forum » How To Properly Grief a Village (THE GUIDE) » 2020-12-09 23:23:53

When I get bored, instead of griefing I like to throw weddings and start families.

#6 Re: Main Forum » What do you love most, about being alive? » 2020-12-06 04:40:48

I was feeling for the longest time like no one in my friend group liked me because that’s just a difficulty of mine, getting caught up in my own head and obsessing about saying the wrong thing or whether people like me. Today (just an hour ago actually) I talked for hours about it and was really vulnerable with one of my friends and she talked about her problems as well and reassured me and I felt so understood and it was such a relief you have no idea. Like I could never imagine connecting to my friends like that. It has taken me so long to be able to be that comfortable around someone, not because I had suffered or anything but because I was just really really really shy. I feel really great right now, that’s a nice part of life.

#7 Re: Main Forum » I'm bored. » 2020-12-02 22:54:33

I love Sims 4 and stardew big_smile 10/10 addictive and I recommend.

#8 Re: Main Forum » Sakura X Ni Holiday Special II » 2020-11-26 07:58:32

Wow thanks ant that was nicer than your last review : D

#11 Re: Main Forum » I appologize, Methman » 2020-11-23 15:51:39

Off topic but hi! I met you in a past life and you called me a Rail Baron and tipped your hat to me. It was pretty cool. I actually worked for about 4 hours making rails that stretched 0.4K from jungle town to white town. It was super rewarding but white town was dead by the time I finished, I hope someone resettles it sad anyway any interactions I’ve had with you have been very pleasant so thanks for that.

#12 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » 2020-11-21 01:37:36

I think you’re nice Morti. Sorry you’ve been feeling bad. You’re very poetic, try to write down your feelings more often. If something happens and your posts stop coming I’ll notice like I did last time you took a break and then I’ll be worried about you so take care of yourself okay?

#13 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » 2020-11-18 01:27:40

Shovel + well site = well, right? At least that’s how I remember it
I can’t tell from the video but if they’re stones they’ll look.. stoney. If they’re totally smooth they’ll be ping pong balls.
I also can’t tell how serious you’re being but I’m surprised you remembered my name.

#14 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » 2020-11-18 00:49:55

Deers don’t lay eggs!! My moneys on ping pong balls 100%, or some other kind of ball. Not as exciting but seems more likely.

#15 Re: Main Forum » Happy Birthday Jason! » 2020-11-15 14:59:19

Happy birthday! big_smile thanks putting hard work into cultivating your game garden and the community that emerged from it.

#16 Re: Main Forum » Spoonwood - review » 2020-11-15 14:57:34

Feminine people apparently don’t like hard gameplay?? Are all the women who play this jokes to you?

#17 Re: Main Forum » Spoonwood, why you always type so much? » 2020-11-13 19:05:43

Finally something me and Spoon agree on. Sleep, Morti, sleep! Be healthy. You give so much love to everyone else, give a little to yourself too.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Shitposting watering cans every day till they're added » 2020-10-28 19:32:19

arkajalka wrote:

Its pretty funny that we have complex motor powered watering devices, but lack the knowledge to build the most simple efficient watering tool.

Its like Wright brothers flew straight to moon.

Well, I imagine it's hard for Jason to put everything in historical order since there's so much stuff out there.
Like how we have race cars and delivery vans but only one type of fruit.

#20 Re: Main Forum » I'm making FREE profile pics for a limited time » 2020-10-21 04:52:44

Yeah I’m a girl. Also not a veteran, just a veteran of the one hour one life town called Karl town.

#21 Re: Main Forum » I'm making FREE profile pics for a limited time » 2020-10-19 17:25:18

I would like two people making out. It must be hot. If you do this for me I will be your forum gf that’s my bribe

#22 Re: Main Forum » Shitposting watering cans every day till they're added » 2020-10-16 04:19:51

Grim_Arbiter wrote:
karltown_veteran wrote:

Why do you want watering cans? How would they improve the game?

I mean filling a can with water to bring around instead of running individual bowls would be nice. If you have a small garden in reality, that watering pale is your good friend, because it saves you time and effort. The holes in it actually spread the water so it doesn't pool into pockets that can cause mold if you just pour water unevenly.

Oh that’s a good use for them. Sounds nice.

#23 Re: Main Forum » Shitposting watering cans every day till they're added » 2020-10-15 18:50:26

Why do you want watering cans? How would they improve the game?

#24 Re: Main Forum » Where roleplaying has gone in OHOL? :( » 2020-10-07 03:56:46

Again spoonwood, the POTENTIAL to be fertile. Whether or not they end up becoming fertile depends on them and their families

#25 Re: Main Forum » Where roleplaying has gone in OHOL? :( » 2020-10-05 22:45:24

Capable. Not every female will be fertile. Every female has the potential to be fertile. If she dies that's on her.
Also, infertility is irrelevant because Jason didn't add it to the game. In case that was your next argument

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