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#1 Re: Main Forum » First wisps of new content... » 2020-06-17 13:39:23

I'll wait for an official post from Jason.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Bear Parade new grief meta » 2020-06-12 14:13:03

Yeah property fence gates should be easyest way to get rid of bears. So long the griefer is too lazy to get them from far away

#4 Re: Main Forum » More Graves! (And gravestuff) » 2020-05-26 22:19:11

If you could use a written paper as a tamplete that would be awesome!!
It's does only show up as wiggli lines on the stones but you can read it by clicking it.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Idea — Road making vehicle » 2020-05-22 11:08:21

Making kero could also produce asphalt like in real life
This asphalt could be loaded into a car.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Resource Scarcity Realism (ln scale) » 2020-05-22 08:25:43

I like the idea of diminishing returns since a town wouldn't run out of a resource all of a sudden. If they despretly need some they can get it at a very low efficency

#8 Re: News » Update: Pile Up » 2020-05-16 08:50:53

If a griefer gets to be leader now it's always the old leaders fault.
Unless the griefer grinded up his gene score. If he does that is he realy a griefer XD

#9 Re: Main Forum » Jason just gave us the biggest tool to protect from bobo. » 2020-05-15 21:32:14

Now no noobs get to be leader by accident and give the lead to a griefer.

#10 Re: Main Forum » Why I decide to quit this toxic game » 2020-05-15 14:16:34

This forum is an essential part of the game.
Yes someone could compute all the mechanics together that is true.

If you are leader the only thing you have to do right is choose your heir. Make sure he/she does too and that it is a player who knows how to spot another good player.

If you are not in the mood of learning this stuff in game you can read all the posts in news from bottom to top.
Of course only the first post from Jason explaining the update

#11 Re: Main Forum » Why I decide to quit this toxic game » 2020-05-15 13:52:49

Making a new leader is as easy as saying
"I follow myself".

#12 Re: Main Forum » Why I decide to quit this toxic game » 2020-05-15 13:51:49

I suggest having multiple leaders so you have redundancy. Just like in real life a dictatorship can be good if the leader is good. But he can also be worse than hitler

#13 Re: Main Forum » Why I decide to quit this toxic game » 2020-05-15 13:50:25

Once players learn how powerful the leader is they will select their heir carefully and not just give it to the "griefer" who asked for it.
If a griefer can kill the whole town noone is informed about how it works. That's the players fault. And especially the old leaders fault.

#14 Re: Main Forum » Lord Family Griefed » 2020-05-14 11:18:12

Easy fix have two leaders. If both leaders agree on a griefer he is solo killable. If only one exiles him you Form a pose.

It is way harder to infiltrate a town with to leaders compared to obe with only one.


#15 Re: Main Forum » Yum chain isn't overcoming food penalty in highly developed towns » 2020-05-10 12:21:57

Miskas is right. People forget popcorn, all liquids in pouch, green beans, cooked beans and many more easy to make yums

bag yum foods you notice until you are almost starving then eat them all at once. This way you don't waste alot of time.

Yum shrines and yumming will get better over time.
If you make yumy foods place them a bit away from the go to foods like the farm and the kitchen.

#16 Re: News » Update: In Perpetuity » 2020-05-08 19:53:06

I was a leader of a town today we got the town out of a tight spot with me giving lots of orders and players teaming up. It felt realy coordinated.

We had a bear griefer tho. It was realy fun defending the town against him. He was very smart and agile with his horse he stole most weapons but I still had my knife. Thanks to the whimpering I was able to get the horse with the weapons back. He got mass cursed but his 12 bears killed alot of players.

By the end of my life the town was in a realy bad place. Just a three girls. I'm sad that he did so much damage but it was a thrilling life.

#17 Re: News » Update: In Perpetuity » 2020-05-08 13:32:39

I fenced that engine ;D and brought three stacks of iron ore
That was realy a nice life there.

#18 Re: News » Update: In Perpetuity » 2020-05-08 10:54:25

Awesome update can't wait to try it.

#19 Re: News » Update: Tunnel Light » 2020-05-02 08:06:47

Wow only 7 remaining
I'm happy very happy about the bow. Every time I hunt for farm animals we had to leave the bow behind. No More!!

#20 Re: Main Forum » The instant-suicide mod » 2020-04-25 19:43:32

You earned the title necromancer
Congrats you are annoying

#22 Re: Main Forum » Suggestion: Fixing Bears » 2020-04-24 22:44:43

Lol sit on a horse and lure them out of town
Problem solved. I actually like when that action happen also if you lure them away the griefer will try to lure them back and that's where you uncover him.

#23 Re: Main Forum » are curses bugged? » 2020-03-24 00:53:24

These posts warm my heart.
Great job on the curse system jason!

Be a nice player for half a year im sure then you will not be sent to dt anymore

#24 Re: Main Forum » Yet Again... Not What Was Advertised » 2020-03-13 08:59:01

This update is awesome with so little cha ge Jason has changed the game feel so much.

Stop being a Karen spoon

#25 Re: News » Update: Known Homeland » 2020-03-13 08:39:54

Damn the home land is a good idea.
Is it set when an eve builds the first well?
Can speziality bioms be part of the Homeland? Since they dont have wells.

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