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Recommendedby MidnightAdrenaline
1,279.5 hour on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 8 days ago

This game was randomly shown to me by my friend. He has 5.1 hours on the game. I have no idea how many I have, but I'm about to find out.

This game is special to me; an outlet for streaming and building a community, learning recipes that are simple or complex, expressing creativity. I'm still learning, I still have content to get to. I hope for boundless amounts of content...because in my time amongst this community, the only lasting, tangible update I've experienced have been edible garlic cloves!...and, damnit, if they're not yummy. No more garlic bulb graveyards

My experience has only been made better by the small servers; don't sleep on them. The perfect environment to learn from scratch. The ultimate sandbox

Cheer s to many hours, and many more

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