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Recommendedby Zem71
82.4 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

I just had a very rewarding game. 59 Years old. Found purpose early on and learned how to build a fence line along the southern edge of our community. I spent my entire life adding to that fence and the people started referring to me as "the handyman", and would always put the adze back where I could find it. I found paths that followed berry bushes to wooded areas that held the timber for my project. In this way I fed myself and took very little from the village resources while keeping the southern wolves at bay. Age eventually caught up with me and I died by the fire telling my story and asking the next generation to keep on building. I can't imagine what could have been accomplished if I'd borrowed a handcart.

Upd ate: Three rebirths later and I was in that village. As soon as I could fend for myself I announced I was the OG wall builder, and went back to work on it. Making sure to leave gaps for people to get through, but using using a staggered barricade section to still dissuade unwanted wildlife. I found the predators have been coming along the eastern woods so that's the direction of the build. Stepping northeast every so often. Had a cart this time, but wasn't used to it and it wouldn't carry finished product or the raw material, just good for snacks and tools. Maple wood was getting scarce. The paths I had taken from the previous game, were being trucked over with a guy carrying carts of berries back to town, so there weren't as many to eat along the way any longer. Really cool stuff.

Update 2: After over a week I randomly ended up near the old fence I'd been building. It hadn't progressed any further east, and a few spots needed to be repaired so I got to work on it. I also learned how to make an open fence section and that knowledge will change the staggered part of the layout I had in mind. It is also fairly simple to dig up the fence and rearrange it so I'm looking forward the to the re-design being of minimal impact to the local resources. I wonder how long it will take to find it again? :)

I was born surrounded by fences and livestock. My mom ran off and closed the gate behind her. A short time later I died trying to suckle a sheep. 15 out 10 stars, would suckle again!
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