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Recommendedby potato pancake
81.0 hours on record
Posted 4 months agoLast Played 27 hours ago

I love this game for several reasons.

1) It is fast. Lot of things happen during your one hour life.
2) There is a lot to discover. You can experiment, learn from other players, teach, read on wiki.
3) It is cooperative and you need to communicate with other players. Player base is very helpful.
4) Original things: Message length depends on age; players spawn as other players babies, genetic fitness (successful kids add to your score).
5) Drawn graphics. It's beautiful.

Wh at I dislike:
1) Glitches: Sometimes you want to grab something but instead start bouncing back and forth. Died to this a couple of times, very annoying. Sometimes the camera moves far away suddenly and takes like 20seconds to get back to you (it usually happens when you travel long distances).

2) Controls: Sometimes it is hard to get rid of the thing you are holding because there is no space on the ground. I keep picking stuff up while moving, would prefer ASDW keys. Sometimes you want a thing that is behind other player's head or behind a tree and you can't get it.
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