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Posted 10 months agoLast Played 10 months ago

Was born an entitled brat heir to the throne...was back stabbed by my own flesh and blood one with a dagger another with the bow 10 out of 10 would die princess again.

Was born from a responsible family my mother died taking care of us. As children me and my sister were fed and taken care of as wee babes by our father. We both survived childhood i buried my mother nearby in a quiet spot...i spent my entire life gathering wood (my fathers job as well) to make sure the fires were always on to keep the children warm. Although i never had children of my own i did raise an orphaned youth who reminded me much of myself... i am sure he will do great things in his lifetime....i found a nice quiet spot for myself... and layed down to rest...... .. .

Was born into a loving family well taken care of as i was the last child by my mother. I helped gather berries for pie making...eventually i had children of my own...my firstborn king was born with a rare condition that allowed him no movement or speech i fed him everyday to keep him alive his sister came along and it was hard caring for a baby and a paralzyed son....i managed..because they were both...both my children born with this awful disease. I dedicated my life to caring for them, my daughter by immaculate conecption or otherwise finally had a child late into her adult life i was alive long enough to see her born say her first words and for me to have given her a name....Star my granddaughter

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