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Recommendedby Ethan
38.9 hours on record
Posted 15 months agoLast Played 9 months ago

I don't care enough to check on the website the most recent update was, the genetic fitiness update is running the game for me. The way I saw the game was a social exparament, you could do whatever you wanted in and grow a civalisation, and it use to be fun. It still is and all the machines you can make work perfectly in my oppion. The genetic fitness is so trash. It suppose to pretty much grade you on how well you do, but everyone has a different reason to play the game and something different to ocomplish. Some people play to greif or to just build stuff, or to cook, who gives a shit if you want to kill wild animals for no reason or only eat vegan food, its your dicsion, the only thing that should negativly happen to you is other players punishing you, not some worthless system telling you that you didn't do good enough. Just take it away, or make it so you can't go down. Like if you were having a shitty day and someones pissing you of you can kill them and you don't loose anything.
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