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Recommendedby Pyroll
393.5 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 27 days ago

Holla Jason,
it is about the new temparature update.
I am really please with it.
I like how it make the overall game harder. I like that it gives a greater reason for buildings and clothes, and changes the way city are builded.
It is a great improvement in the game mecanic !
Now that spaces are more stack up together
It also made appear more clearly that this game need better ways to stack up things from same categories in one tile. Like putting back four flint together, four pie crust on one tile...

But also, as we are all looking for food all the time we have less time to role play, to communicate with eatch other.
Just in my last five live i died in pretty good cities well devellop and no food scares. I died after explaining to someone why not remove an object, or communicate how to reach a goal together.
With us always running for food, communicating as become harder than ever before. Only because of the time allocated to us to do so.
I would have loved to respawn back to the town but it never happened on the multiple occasion.

Tha nks for taking the time reading this and thanks for making this game great.

Ps: i watched again the trailer with a friend, trying to get him to join the game. I realised that the game is quit far from its promises... Technologie is not at all advanced as in the trailer ( offfice, computer, robot ?!) and the universe is not persistent as the server get a reset every week with the udapte.

Just tryed to make shop next to the town (but not too close only travelers who follow the road), self sufficient, and it was great !! Worked well, sad part we killed the town because of the attention people stop some process to come pay a visit. The town died off from it. When i arrived 14 bby girl and 7 mom where in town, when i died only 1 bby girl and 2 mom.

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