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Parable of the Sower

I am born in a farm with no seeds. It becomes clear why - water is far north. I am but a small child, but I take it upon myself to move seeds north west, and then soil. And by the time I get the farm growing, I am a fully grown woman. I keep telling people of the farm, but they haven't come yet because it's hidden in the swamp. I have a child, and name him secret. He is needy, always clinging near me. I have a daughter. I am about to feed her, when secret stands near her, blocking my ability to hold her. She dies. I hold secret and shake him - YOU DID THIS! LOOK WHAT YOU DID! He said he was sad, and I forgave him. He became a young man that day. I had him tend to the farm as I went out to get more seed and soil. On the journey, I had 2 more babies. Finally I made it back, but someone else had come and eaten up the carrots designed for seed. In any case, I was starved. There were no carrots left. And with 2 babies, I saw that there was no way any of us would survive. "Why did you eat the seed row? Now we will die." "I'm sorry - I was hungry." "You.. killed us.." My last words were uttered as I died from starvation.

T ale of the spider god.

I was born into this world and my mom taught me of the spider god, who will bite you and eat your bones.. unless you pray "Spider away! Spider no!" I grew up, and began teaching the spider god's prayer to the children of the town. My mom was reborn and together we continued teaching the ways of our god. Then someone came to town, proclaimed themselves king. When I explained that Spider God was our only ruler, they pulled out a knife. "Spider God protect us!"
I died by knife.

The Legacy of Sons

My mother Bobby Mason raised me reluctantly. First she was going to let me starve because I was a boy and she wanted a girl. But I came across my grandmother who grew attached. Finally mom named me Adem. There were no girls in my village. Grandma was getting very old. Suddenly she got an idea she told my Mother, "If you have all boys, raise them to be scouts, and find girls" I said I would be a good scout. I began preparing for a journey, waiting to get old enough to journey. I found a backpack and filled it full of pies. Then my sister Delilah was born, Bobby placed a red hat on top of her. I told her I was heading east, and when I returned I would be older, and she would be all grown up. "Will you remember me?" Delilah said Yes in the way only babies can, I set out on my journey. I went east for a very long time, finding nothing, but comsuming 2 whole pies. I decided to turn around and come back. Between the rattlesnakes and the heat I nearly died in the desert. I made it back, and found a woman in a red hat, and exclaimed "Delilah! You're so big!" She replied, "Brother, you've returned!" I gave her the special carrot from the east, and we planted and watered it together. Then she told me the bad news. "Mom died.." She had died right on the farm. After saying a prayer, she told me she intended to name her next daughter Bobby. My brother Don, returned from gathering soil with baskets, and we lamented getting old and what legacy we would leave behind. I decided in honor of my grandmother I would get scouting horse. I made a lasso and traveled north on my brother's advice. I captured a horse, and tied it to a fence, and then learned that I would need to get a wool saddle to ride it. Queue montage of finding sheep, discovering that I would need to kill it, finding knife, killing sheep, using flint and a needle and thread on the skin, and finally riding the horse. In celebration I ate mushrooms, which in retrospect is very dangerous when you're holding a knife and are very old. I asked Delilah to feed me till I came down, lest I die in a futile attempt to satiate my hunger on fence post. In any case, I was successful in my quest, and in my last words I said goodbye to Delilah and made her promise that the next boy would ride the horse west.

The tale of the Demon and the Boy

Legend of the town of ancient walls.
"Once wonderful village and some very old walls. But there is no one there. Legend has it there was once a successful village here, until the cracks in the ancient wall opened up, and a demon flew out killing everyone. Except one. A single boy. The demon possessed the boy and the boy ran into the woods. Then the demon flew back into the wall and it closed up. So now we must always beware. Both of the return of the demon, but also the return of the boy."

Murdere r
I was born to poor mom, but she stumbled upon an incredibly rich town. Then a woman appeared and stabbed her for shearing a sheep. He said, I remember this town, I killed everyone here! I ran, filled a backpack my mom gave me with all the food I could carry, and began to plot. I found a bow and arrow when I was old, and in a dramatic showdown, she chased me through a graveyard. I managed to get a shot off before she could stab me, and she died by her children. I let myself starve.
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