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Recommendedby wondible
347.4 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 2 days ago

(After two days playing)

Game is an amazing reflection on the start of society (and perhaps later it's development) Sometimes it is a harsh reflection - "birth control" often means leaving a baby to starve because you can't support any more people.

Getti ng started is brutal - you often go through several lives until you get a stable enough situation to start trying some crafting out. I like being able to explore the world and figure how to build up, but I usually find very little time to try things between looking for food. I learned how to make fire from watching some streams, and I still have not made all the tools from scratch myself. The world can also be unforgiving - it is easy for an unwitting player to destroy natural resources. This, however creates an interesting effect - players much teach the next generation how to maintain a sustainable world.

The UI is a bit of a train wreck. Not entirely bad - I appreciate a simple UI to interface with a complex crafting system - last thing you want is "did not press the right button". However, I am constantly saying "wrong button" as I pick up a basket instead of putting something in it, or vice versa, and frequently pick up things by accident trying to move around, especially from the large tree hitboxes. I have died and seen several players die of starvation because they cannot pick up food (or put something down in order to pick up food). Not unlike Subnautica's two-button interface, where players constantly drop things instead of using them, or eat rotten fruit instead of planting it.

Overall though, I am slowly learning, and I have seen a lot of things I don't know how to make or use. I can seen continuing to explore these worlds for a long time, and see how they evolve with and without me.
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