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Recommendedby My Life Story
48.2 hours on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 16 days ago

wonderful game, real struggle how to craft until you learn by the elders.

got born into a great village with my grandma and everything, we were carrot farmers and then as the years passed i saw everyone around me pass away and the graveyard just growing and growing until it was my turn and my son as the last one left watched me die, in tears as he felt the responsibility to bring this tribe on was laying in his shoulders.

To day i had a great life, with my mother and pleanty of sons and sisters but then the years passed and i saw everyone around me pass on, and in the end my last sister had wandered of into the wild for a natural death and there i stood surrounded by baskets filled with food saying "here i am standing with all this food and progress and how many thought this would bring happiness but no i can feel no joy in this only sadness as my whole family is dead, i have noone exept my food, so i shall choose to starve, farwell world and i shall see you soon mother.

Today i learned how to forge with my brother, we learned it together and figured almost all out, we cared for eachother and when the malaria arose we cared for eachother. nothing could take us appeart exept death and so it did too, he died befor me but i will allways remember him in my heart, thank you Thor and may you rest in peace.
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