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Not Recommendedby Mixed review
10.8 hours on record
Posted 21 months agoLast Played 16 months ago

I don't love the game, neither do I hate it, if there was a mixed review I would choose that. The premise of the game is wonderful, and I love learning about the game and playing it. However, the main problem with the game is the movement. I can't focus on what is going on around me if I'm trying to focus on where my cursor is when I'm moving. The 'click-to-move' thing is absolutely crap, and ruins most of the game for me. It would be much easier for us to survive if we could either configure the walking, or just have arrow keys and WASD default. I constantly get bitten by snakes because of this, plus it's not really a good idea to have the movement of your character be the same control used to pick things up, I hate interacting with or picking up stuff when I just want to move.
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