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Recommendedby CrazyMadGamer
11.3 hours on record
Posted 11 days agoLast Played 11 days ago

This is a great game! It is very fun to play, however it can get quite challenging, especially for new players. I recommend this game, however I would like to see some sort of pregnancy notification, that way if a woman is out of town she will have a little while to get back so her baby isn't born in the middle of the forest, and she doesn't have to abandon her stuff or the baby. Also, in this pregnancy period, the baby would be able to see the same things that the mom sees so that way they can decide if they want to spawn or if they don't like it they can cancel. Same with the mom, except with a birth-control thing (like a plant or something) that would prevent them from having babies for like 1 year. However there would need to be some sort of birth-control cool down so babies could still be born, as I expect that a ton of women would use this if available as babies can often be a bit of an annoyance. Also, there needs to be better ways to mass-care for and mass-educate a bunch of little ones. Otherwise, this game is great, but I definitely recommend watching YouTube videos, and reading a bunch of tutorials online before you start, because going into the game with no knowledge of how anything works is deadly. (Being a male is great when you are first learning because you don't have to worry about babies, which are hard to care for even after knowing how to care for yourself) Sorry for the long review! Hope this helped! :) :D
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