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Recommendedby Sad game
917.7 hours on record
Posted 15 months agoLast Played 36 days ago

This game describes the love of mother and family

Nobody can live forever and their life is limited.

The only thing player can leave is their bone and what they've made.

But what in earth do they've manufactured or harvested good for themselves after death?

It barely effects players next game so It means nothing as well.

Everyth ing is meaningless afterlife then why should we live so on?

I met one old man who left alone in the town.

He had no child and family but he was keep farming toward his last breath.

I asked him to search for another town but he refuses and answer.

"Even there is no family who can inherit my goods, visitors to this town like you might get help from this farm.
The only thing what I've learn is farming and that's what I've done throughout my life. It's how I lived and how I'll close my life."

His word moved my mind and made me cry.

What he was doing is not only farming.

He was granting the meaning to all the players and all mankind.

It's not about legacy or achievements.

It's about reason to live.

Of course, his word is not the answer of reason to live, but it could be one of them.

'One hour one life' makes players reconsider meaning of life.
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