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Recommendedby pennedgalaxy
373.7 hours on record
Posted 22 months agoLast Played 21 months ago

So what can I say about this game? After having owned it for more than a month now and having watched YouTube vids of One Hour One Life before buying it I can safely say I have a fair degree of knowledge about the game.

Aspects of the game:

- Child rearing of other players

- A lineage system that you can track on the game's website.

- A comprehensive crafting system with an assortment of things to farm.

- You can kill several types of hostile animals, wolves, bears, boars and even snakes, as well as domesticate sheep, boars (which will be bred into pigs) and even geese!

- You can kill and even heal other players as well, be it from a boar, bear, wolf or snake attack (the latter of which actually requires antivenom to fix!) but also from attempts at murder from other players too!

- The ability to play with up to three of your friends by spawning in as twins, triplets and quadruplets. Not only can you spawn in as babies, but as adult Eves as well!

After my month of gameplay I can tell you that this is a really awesome game that has led to a lot of funny stories for me personally. Every run has the potential to be a little different depending on who you end up playing with- the core mechanics remain the same, but the people you interact with don't.

The game also has dedicated developer that updates weekly so it's always getting some attention even if it's just bug fixes and the like at times. Much more that can be said for a lot of AAA titles out there today.

Now for the nitty gritty- whilst the game excels at putting people into a situation where you care for those that you're playing with in a way most types of cooperative play usually doesn't, it has a flaw that most games of this type suffer from.

Real people make mistakes and have different varying levels of experience with the game. This is something that can be incredibly vexing, there will be times where you're born into a village and have many of the population not knowing how to cook a certain food or how to farm very well.

This can lead to some dissatisfaction as a player who is experienced and knows what they're doing and can lead to feelings of other people having 'ruined' your run.

But the good news is who you play with is random and you can choose to play with your friends now too.

My advice before buying the game is to watch a couple of videos of the game on Youtube, get a feel of the gameplay and some crafting knowledge through visual osmosis and then decide if it's for you.

The game can be very rewarding because of the difficulty level, but it can also be very frustrating if you don't know what you're getting into.

If you do decide to buy the game make sure to check out https:onetech.info which has a good list of the craftable recipes with a step by step detailing for how to get every ingredient in any given crafting recipe.

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