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Recommendedby Wolvenscar
1,341.0 hour on record
Posted 20 months agoLast Played 6 days ago

Really awesome game! Highly recommended :)

Its a game that has a steep learning curve in the beginning. It can be challenging but you just need to spend some time to learn the recipes and get good at them. This game requires players to work together to create a thriving community.

You start from gathering, basic crafting, to farming, smithing, raising animals, cooking and building!

Its a very unique sandbox survival game whereby every player can be your family member at any point of time. ^^

My personal point of view of the game:
Many aspects of the game reminds me part of real life. Spending a life where every minute counts as a year, to a full age of 60. Each of us work in different ways to try to contribute to the family.

Be it the Cook, Builders, Farmers, Smith, Hunters.
You can become a hunter that goes out hunting for rabbits, bringing back food, furs for crafting into clothing or backpacks. It is like working in real life, to bring back good food and new clothings for kids or any of your family members. Or you can be a Builder that builds houses and roads connecting towns or expanding to places with more resources. The fire we make at the start signifies life, or it could also be seen as the lights we have at home. The Cook is kinda like our mom who makes sure we have a good variety of healthy and fulfilling food. Without the Farmers, we won't even have food or any ingredients for the Cook to cook! XD

Everyone plays a key role in the family. :)
Even if you're new, you can help to raise kids and tend to farms and slowly learn from others. Just some of my ramblings :P After all its a game! Hope you guys enjoy and have a ton of fun from it :)

Just a side note, be prepared for griefers who might just want to destroy everything and kill everybody for fun. But don't worry, majority of us are friendly. We have a really awesome and friendly community! Join us on the OHOL official discord if you would like :)
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