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Recommendedby DarkDrak
971.4 hours on record
Posted 7 months agoLast Played 2 months ago

TL;DR: Kinda unique game. Has lots of good sides and bad sides, but overall it's a great experience, well worth its price.

Good sides:
- Lots of content to explore. You can be a farmer (several kind of farmers), a smith, a hunter, an engineer, an explorer, a medic, a town nurse, a builder, a scavenger, a trader, a horse breeder, a tatoo artist, a wine brewer, a potter, a warlord, a teacher and lots of other stuff. Most of the time one has time to fulfill more than one role.
- The dev really cares about the game. He listens to the community too, in reasonable amount (lots of stuff falls on deaf ears, but lots of stuff doesn't). Not a week passes without him adding something or fixing something. If you don't feel like playing it for like half a year, you will come back to lots of new things to discover.
- You can feel a part of a tribe and have other people have benefits from your work and take benefits from work of those who have played hours before you; or you can play as a lone wolf.
- There's a Discord community and you can make huge projects with some friends and meet new nice people.
- You have people take care of you in the first minutes of life when you're helpless and getting born to some good folks feels really nice.

Bad sides:
- You'll eventually run out of content to explore. and then all the lives start feeling the same. Being a carrot farmer feels the same way every time. same with being an engineer, a tailor etc.
- A real lot of times you wanna do something and simply can't. And it's frustrating. So you start doing the side jobs to allow yourself to do what you wanted to. This can lead to two endings. In one you succeed in getting the objective you had before you die of old age and you can die feeling accomplished. in the other you spend your whole life making preparations for that one job that has to be done and you die before you can accomplish it, hoping that someone will take after your steps. That's one death full of regrets.
- Frustration can be found everywhere in this game. From stuff you cant get from biomes that your family doesn't specialize in, to people taking stuff you had prepared for yourself or getting in the way or being born to you while you were in the middle of a project and then you have to take care of them, to return to your project three minutes later and have someone else get born to you. And you'll lose count of times you run around the town looking for the tool you needed 'cause someone took it.
- You'll eventually meet some really sadistic freaks that'll totally ruin the game experience for you. Luckly they're few and they're getting cursed to oblivion and there are many more good people, but that time that you encounter them, you'll remember it forever.
- Being a new player in this game is rough and frustrating. There are so many possibilities but you cant access them 'cause you don't know how. And The people who can teach you are too busy saving the village from impeding famine and don't have time to deal with you most of the time. And others don't know how themselves. And even asking something takes lots of time 'cause people just cant say more than two words at a time at the age of ten. And ofc, being new you probably don't know about onetetch either.

Neute r sides:
- Here, the parent-child relationship normally ends when the child becomes 3 minutes old. Then he has to stand on their own feet and be a productive member of society 'cause duh, we only live for 60 mins here. Moms got stuff to do too, those pies aren't baking themselves. Guess that this one is a good side for the more experienced players who dont wanna waste time either, but a bad side to noobs who would expect their mom to teach them and generally it's a traumatic point to whoever expects to be parented until like 12, like a normal kid.
- If you run into a folk from another family... you can't just expect to have a conversation with them. They speak other language. You need a peice of paper, a charcoal pencil and a rubber ball so you can exchange letters. 'Cause the written language is universal, not like the spoken one. Otherwise you need either a translator folk who knows all the languages since birth or a radio 'cause radio waves are also universal.

Al so, i was only writing this to see my hours-in-game.
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