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Recommendedby enzo
214.9 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 5 months ago

I really loved this game. It was really relaxing playing this game and funny not to know weither or not your genealogy will survive. Or maybe someone one day will find this camp and use it. It was the legacy that was important. But since you closed this world, i feel so frustrated every time i play. i bump every life on the four corner of the map. i feel trap inside.
I understand very well that by limiting resources you try to put a value on them and maybe see trades one day. Maybe thats why you made the map so small for people to remember where the villages are.
Im not convinced by the way you trying to achieve this. I thought after couple of day youll realise what was going on but it seems not.
Since you closed the map, every village is now building walls all over the places. it happened to me to be born in a village where someone built a wall around us and locked us in...
I hope you'll find another way of doing it but for the moment i completely lost the fun i had playing this game.
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