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Not Recommendedby CoeusMaze
80.0 hours on record
Posted 10 months agoLast Played 10 months ago

I used to recommend this game all along. But recently what happened completely changed my attitude towards this game.

My friend and I built a city in server 13. We have a big house made of stone, a decent house for sheep, stone pillars surrounding wooden path. We have prospering wheat farm, carrot farm and gooseberry farm. Basically all the things you can get from this game.

Then someone, a griefer, was born. He took a knife and killed us. Once we spawned back in our city, he just killed us repeatedly. Finally he burnt down all the things we have built. My friend and I wasted countless nights building all these things just to get burnt down easily by a player that we did not even know.

The killing people easily thing in this game is really a game killer. Personally I do not recommend this game till such problems get fixed properly.
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