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Recommendedby Phate
91.3 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

One of the more unique game concepts of recent modern times. You only get one hour and that one life to try to advance your family as far as possible. You might just spend that whole time trying to survive into old age and not provide anything meaningful for the next generation. As long as you don't expand too fast population wise, and keep your food balance in check, you might get a few items made that make the next generation's life a bit easier.

The range of items that can be made is very vast, and has a steep learning curve, but this is what gives it much of its charm. Will you be a farmer, making sure no one starves? Will you be a gatherer, and fetch items needed by more skilled players? Will you build part of a house for future generations to complete to try and stay warm? Perhaps you enjoy making steel tools to tame the land. Or maybe being a tailor is your calling, clothing those so their hunger is slowed.

There is much to do in this game, and every life is unique. Maybe you are lucky and spawn as a child in a thriving community. Perhaps you are an Eve starting with nothing ready to give birth to your new kids. And that is the other thing, the family aspect of the game is very unique. Literally spawning to strangers hoping they will take care of you and know what they are doing so you stand a chance. Although other times, you aren't so lucky.

The game is constantly being developed to simulate the advancement of civilization. Weekly it seems new items and techs are being added to the came. It has great potential for the future, and currently is very playable. Although due to it being an online game, your experience may very depending on who your family becomes, but most of the time you feel like a deep bond with the family you spent an hour with as you slowly age towards death. Perhaps passing on your heirlooms to the newest born and letting them know your history as you take your last breath.

Would highly recommend this game. If you watched the Youtube videos and thought it looked interesting, you won't go wrong playing it. But be warned some players aren't as friendly as others, but the friendly ones will keep you coming back time and time again.
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