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Recommendedby kubassa
356.0 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 11 months ago


Decay was fixed now the game flow much better and the later review is something of the past.

If you enjoy messing around for a hour or two crafting stuff and surviving it's a great game for 20 dollars.

Also good to help an indie game creator.

8 out of 10

This game was fun.

The new update ruined it.

Baskets, clothes, tools and everything now breaks and or despawns.

Not enough tile space as is and now you have to deal with degraded stuff laying around. Building so you can see the future of your work is for nothing. Everything will be garbage piles of wasted time.

If this over time degrading update does NOT get removed I will not play this game any longer and for others there is no point.

For this update I have no choice but to bad review this game. Update ruined the game.
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