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Recommendedby jcwilk
24.5 hours on record
Posted 12 months agoLast Played 9 months ago

Played for a few hours so far. It's definitely pretty hardcore, you die very quickly if you don't find food and keeping food nearby is a constant struggle. It makes it exciting though, for the whole time it's second-to-second decisions about how best to optimize your gameplay in order to make as much progress as you can before having to feed yourself again. I was mostly doing basic pottery and farm type stuff on my own but found a camp with a corpse that had a few useful bits of tech that helped me jump forward a bit. Being a nomad and trying to find a village is an interesting twist on the game too, rather than just settling and trying to tech up from zero.

Probabl y my biggest complaint with it currently is the only way to not start from zero (aside from cross your fingers that you'll be born under someone competent enough to immediately feed you) is to die of old age rather than starvation, which is basically impossible if you get distracted by anything real world for more than 60 seconds or so. So if you spend 3 hours teching up from zero and then get a phone call or have to go to the bathroom or have to answer the door then more likely than not you'll lose everything. Also there doesn't seem to be a way to quit without losing everything. I guess the key is to play at times when there will be other people playing rather than to focus on hermit gameplay.
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