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Recommendedby Sacrificed Potato
439.8 hours on record
Posted 13 months agoLast Played 8 months ago

the game is great, its actually wonderful!!
keep up the updates. i hope the game can make it in steam it will get alot more recognition there.

if pewdiepie plays this game. it will explode . i seriously hope he does and i hope you can manage the servers after that xD

some additions i would like added in the game.
1- an option which allows you to play alone
2- building signs which we can write whatever we want in them and they can never be editied once built
3- being able to plant and grow trees
4- male characters should have something exclusive to them since woman can spawn children without the need of a male. but it shouldn't be too exclusive so it doesn't make the game more complicated
5- being able to move the kiln to a diffrent location
6- being able to name your character if male and another name for female
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