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Recommendedby Samantha
23.1 hours on record
Posted 3 months agoLast Played 9 days ago

it is easier to survive now,
i think the way babies hunger meter is so small needs to be tweaked. Also when the mom is nursing her food goes from full to starving rediculusly quicaly. this makes it imposible for a mother to have more then one kid at once.
There needs to be a way to tell when the baby is actualy hungry so that the mother can do other things besieds caring for the baby for a few years. mabee have the infants only cry when they need to be fed?
When the mother has a child her hunger goes down a LOT. this makes sence. but mabee eve's should be exempt so as to allow them a chance to move a bit before insta starving.
Also, the eve's need a period of time 1-5 min before having their first kid. and at least 9 monthes of in game time between children. spawning in as an eve then instantly having 1-5 babies running around is just illogical and impractical.
A papoose is a native American baby carrier... mabee have a fur bag version that allows mothers to carry one child on their backs whilst carrying another in her arms. babies in weelbarows or carts?
carrots need to take less time to seed.
could a long term water sourse like a river or pond exist? them people could live along them like the firtle cresent.