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Recommendedby Samantha
98.6 hours on record
Posted 39 days agoLast Played 25 hours ago

This is my favoret game right now! its realy coming along. The emotional attachments with your "family" can become quite strong. I've seen people saying goodbye to their mother as she passes on her things to the next gen. very sad.
there are a few things that need improvment though
the eve's need a period of time 1-5 min before having their first kid. and at least two years of in game time between children. spawning in as an eve then instantly having 1-5 babies running around is just illogical and impractical.
Havi ng time between siblings would be very logical because nursing a baby keeps most mothers from becoming pregnat again until they ween their child.
A papoose is a native American baby carrier... mabee being able to put a baby in a backpack that would allow mothers to carry one child on their backs whilst carrying another in her arms. babies in weelbarows? or carts?
could a long term water sourse like a river or pond exist? them people could live along them like the firtle cresent.
please let the ice holes be water sourses, also snow piles you could melt for water?
we are also having problems with overcrouded villages spawning new babies almost one per minet, thus causing famine. But then the survivors will have only three to four children over their lifetimes even though there is a surpluss of food. its really iritating to have a village die out because a kid wouldn't spawn.
We realy need some kind of incentive or reason to play as boys or in developed villages. right now a lot of plaayers either run off to starve or wont nurse male children because they are unable to add more children to the population. A LOT of male infacide is occuring.
then there are some players who suicide because they want to be an eve, or live in a more developed or less developed town. perhaps giving players a longer or shorter lifespan baced of how well fed they were as children?

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