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Recommendedby GUAMLIFE671
19.7 hours on record
Posted 11 hours agoLast Played 9 hours ago

This game makes me so happy. I can unplug from the real world and loose myself being a baby and starting a new civ. Really great game. Thanks Jason!

Recommendedby stepping_razor
36.8 hours on record
Posted 14 hours agoLast Played 104 minutes ago

I really like it what a great game(trying to sum up what type of game it is, lets say old school zelda meets civilization, as an mmo with tons of survival crafting with tech development reliant on multiple generations of kin.) mainly pve, though plenty of pvp will arise witnessed a tiny bit already, in time as colonies become more developed the game will only get more interesting. I am having lots...

Recommendedby LoneWolf
48.9 hours on record
Posted 14 hours agoLast Played 37 minutes ago

great game, it really shows you how selfless and patient you can be if you try.

Recommendedby Ivanb7
67.2 hours on record
Posted 18 hours agoLast Played 18 hours ago

Recommendedby Sh00k
2.8 hours on record
Posted 19 hours agoLast Played 44 hours ago

I find the game very entertaining and is an easy way to eat up time. Though there are inconsiderate players who may leave you for dead as a baby, or murder you, there are lots of players who appreciate any contribution you make to their civilization. This survival game has brilliant crafting and you can never stop advancing. Through this game, I've met wonderful people and have sometimes seen past...

Recommendedby jaccarmac
4 minutes on record
Posted 21 hours agoLast Played 4 months ago

The engine keeps getting better and Jason Rohrer keeps making great games. Check this one out, maybe stick around for a while. Even The Castle Doctrine managed to keep a small playerbase after "dying", and this game has been designed to be extensible far into the future. At the same time you'll have a convenient stopping point at least once per hour.

Recommendedby JudoToss
7.3 hours on record
Posted 22 hours agoLast Played 40 minutes ago

In One Hour One Life, you try to make the world a better place than when you found it. Then, when you are finished using the world, your children are going to appreciate you for that. You never know, they may even be your mom in your next life. 10 out of 10!!!

Recommendedby Chrisbon
13.8 hours on record
Posted 23 hours agoLast Played 23 hours ago

Great Game! Cool Concept and nice people.

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