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Recommendedby watever
405.2 hours on record
Posted 7 days agoLast Played 15 hours ago

Recommendedby SO MUCH STUFF
35.5 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 8 days ago

This game is hard but fun and the crafting is more fun i recommend everyone to play it!

Recommendedby Seth
81.0 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 8 days ago

Parable of the Sower

I am born in a farm with no seeds. It becomes clear why - water is far north. I am but a small child, but I take it upon myself to move seeds north west, and then soil. And by the time I get the farm growing, I am a fully grown woman. I keep telling people of the farm, but they haven't come yet because it's hidden in the swamp. I have a child, and name him secret. He is...

Recommendedby AlexanderB
174.9 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 36 hours ago

I find it amazing that no matter how many lives I live, I can always develop a unique relationship with a town and achieve some measure of meaning. When the black screen finally comes up, it really does feel like an end and that makes this game uniquely beautiful.

Recommendedby Mindin
186.8 hours on record
Posted 13 days agoLast Played 13 days ago

"Existance is for nothing"
It's a good game this.
Lots of good people. Lots of love.

Have a nice day

Recommendedby FlRugbyChick
238.9 hours on record
Posted 14 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

Just checking my time played. lol

Recommendedby Phoenix
0 seconds on record
Posted 14 days agoLast Played 14 days ago


Recommendedby JohannesMagi
14.9 hours on record
Posted 15 days agoLast Played 15 days ago

m, lady

-The Germans

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