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Recommendedby AAA Pizza
321.6 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 36 hours ago

My mother was a baker in a big village. I grew up by her fire, learning to bake all kinds of pies. I continued her baking legacy after her death. Then I passed on the baking to a little boy in town.

Recommendedby AAA
310.1 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 9 hours ago

Just checking my hours.

Recommendedby mirelli
305.4 hours on record
Posted 10 days agoLast Played 5 hours ago

It's a good game but honestly I just wanted to see how many hours I have

Recommendedby Kailied
303.7 hours on record
Posted 32 days agoLast Played 13 days ago

How do I post my review?

Not Recommendedby growcarrots
295.8 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 9 days ago

My reviews always flip flop from update to update. OHOL is a fun game that has given me many many hours of enjoyment since I first purchased it. The lineage ban is both a wonderful and terrible thing in and of itself. Great: The troll that was ruining things for everyone? Gone for three hours. Terrible: "sorry baby." Having had a village essentially ban you for three hours for being born at the wr...

Recommendedby Eve-rlastingGamer
293.6 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 16 hours ago

This rendition of the failing game One Hour One Life has breathed a much needed energy into the game. The players all try to be kind and considerate of each other. The map is full of possibilities. Crafting has taken a new turn with the many arrays of foods, clothes, and other items.

It's a winning combination. I myself purchased an original account on OHOL a while ago. As a seasoned p...

Recommendedby Sad game
272.5 hours on record
Posted 2 months agoLast Played 2 minutes ago

This game describes the love of mother and family

Nobody can live forever and their life is limited.

The only thing player can leave is their bone and what they've made.

But what in earth do they've manufactured or harvested good for themselves after death?

It barely effects players next game so It means nothing as well.

Everything is meaningless afterlife then ...

Not Recommendedby Connection lost....
266.0 hours on record
Posted 9 days agoLast Played 8 hours ago

Connection lost...cant even play after so called fix ,If i stand still not touching my mouse for more than two seconds as an adult female Insta DC!... Only to get going and wiped out by one griefer... like the community isnt small enough ......One less good player

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