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Recommendedby kutte
1,318.1 hour on record
Posted 23 months agoLast Played 56 minutes ago

butter knife op

Recommendedby suopiisami
1,279.0 hour on record
Posted 2.3 years agoLast Played 19 hours ago

The infant death rate is kinda nasty, but when you get your civilization going theres no other game that delivers the same experience. So much depht and this has just begun...

Recommendedby TABLE TENNIS
1,272.3 hour on record
Posted 11 months agoLast Played 2 days ago

Good game, but Jason goes crazy with the updates sometimes and fucks shit up.

Recommendedby its a good game
1,238.1 hour on record
Posted 5 months agoLast Played 11 days ago

Recommendedby Jinbaili
1,225.7 hour on record
Posted 9 months agoLast Played 4 days ago

Recent updates flipped the game on its head. Most bugs and issues are fixed now but others remain. Some people hate it and leave, some stay and hope it will get better. If You wish to become a guinea pig in Jason's lab give it a try, I don't regret it. One Hour One Life - a social experiment or monumental art piece build for glory of its creator but not a game like you might expect.

Recommendedby Xan
1,139.6 hour on record
Posted 2.1 years agoLast Played 7 months ago

The big farm update is the best update so far. I love sharing stew with my family. It gives me time to spend more time with my children and makes the game not feel like such a rush. It seems the game culture has improved because of it.

Recommendedby ok
1,078.1 hour on record
Posted 21 months agoLast Played 2 months ago

Recommendedby karltown_veteran
1,025.2 hour on record
Posted 22 months agoLast Played 4 months ago

This game is awesome. The dog apocalypse has been (mostly) prevented, griefers are too busy in donkey town doin what griefers do, for now, for the most part. If there's any time to play this game its now before the griefers get huffy.

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