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User Story: Ea family migration, by Tarr
September 4, 2018

I was born in a rather large scale family migration to the Ea family. I think at the point I was born there was almost seven people traveling in a pack to a nearby city. Our group ended up getting separated at one point, our group changed from a strong six or seven to a meager three. Mother held my younger brother Jason close as we kept chugging on through the harsh environments. Swamps loaded with pigs, freezing arctics, badlands brimming with hostile animals. Everything you could imagine challenged our families migration.

I eventually got lost from the group as I refilled a stray berry bowl I found in the wilderness. At first I thought this food was a blessing from the gods when in reality it was anything but. Mother had forsaken her berry bowl at some point on the journey to make sure Jason wouldn't have to go hungry on the journey. Mother kept going as long as her body could hold out but with no food she was running a losing race. I found Mother not too far away from her bowl, Jason now holding her stuff while my older sister Kawai refilled her bowl.

Even with low morale we ran hand in hand until we finally found the first road. We all rushed to greet the people of the Kane family who met us with open arms. Not too long after we had started to settle down cousin Ricky, and my two aunts showed up and we had nice little family union. I ended up having to break the sad news of mothers passing to her own sisters which really brought the mood down.

What mattered most is we had each other and our new friends in the Kane family to celebrate our new life with. It was a peaceful little place minus a few accidents here and there.

I normally wouldn't have stayed in a family migrating like that but I just felt something special about this family. I made sure to give our little family a special graveyard attempting to mark everyone's grave but time isn't easy on an old man.


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