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Past Hour
Cooked Mutton Pie99994
Cooked Mutton59477
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie23469
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish23404
Cooked Berry Pie44361
Cooked Carrot Pie45318
Baked Potato21254
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie23232
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie16232
Slice of Bread33204
Wild Carrot35204
Cooked Rabbit Pie22201
Wild Onion33183
Burdock Root20178
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish19173
Bowl of Stew14171
Pork Taco7140
Pickling Cucumber26135
Cooked Goose8125
Cooked Rabbit11121
Bean Taco9109
Bean Burrito7108
Cooked Fish6108
Turkey Drumstick585
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish784
Shucked Ear of Corn1277
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink770
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie464
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish856
Wild Garlic948
Cooked Shrimp546
Chip with Salsa545
French Fry945
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum311343
Cactus Fruit543
Tortilla Chip1040
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum2198440
Cooked Garlic Shrimp436
Bowl of Green Beans1735
French Fry with Ketchup333
Omelette# +contFoodDish227
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink527
Bowl of Sauerkraut424
Bowl of Cooked Beans224
Bowl of Carnitas223
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_102222
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart1417
Spoon of Ice Cream216
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463214
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1481412
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink39
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes88
Cooked Mutton with Rub18
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum146315
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish22

Today (so far)
Cooked Mutton Pie109511094
Bowl of Stew5296431
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie3156358
Cooked Mutton6295192
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie3474942
Baked Potato4004851
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie4584688
Wild Onion8174599
Cooked Carrot Pie6324575
Burdock Root4854145
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish2273893
Wild Carrot6123868
Slice of Bread5733604
Cooked Berry Pie4403590
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish3783435
Bean Burrito2053116
Cooked Goose1983022
Cooked Rabbit Pie3293014
Pickling Cucumber5472800
Pork Taco1382775
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie1582548
Shucked Ear of Corn3612229
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink2162218
Cooked Rabbit1761935
Bean Taco1361645
Cactus Fruit1741504
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish1031255
Turkey Drumstick711217
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish181080
Wild Garlic1951031
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish1451020
Omelette# +contFoodDish79979
French Fry172873
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink156803
Bowl of Carnitas78794
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink235740
Cooked Mutton with Rub81652
Cooked Garlic Shrimp68615
Bowl of Sauerkraut99605
Cooked Shrimp65587
French Fry with Ketchup51563
Tortilla Chip124511
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10465509
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31156488
Bowl of Green Beans237487
Cooked Fish27486
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes410468
Chip with Salsa38343
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart234323
Cooked Peppered Shrimp35315
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum219828280
Bowl of Cooked Beans23278
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish191191
Spoon of Ice Cream18145
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14631680
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14811553
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum1463741
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum4233630
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1481515
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198110

Cooked Mutton Pie120912345
Cooked Goose3515324
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie5215320
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie2474973
Bowl of Stew4074937
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie3324717
Burdock Root5334416
Cooked Carrot Pie6134402
Baked Potato3484241
Wild Onion6513604
Cooked Mutton4183446
Bean Burrito2263439
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish3593290
Wild Carrot5033253
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie1913087
Slice of Bread4903021
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish1652837
Pickling Cucumber5342774
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish452711
Cooked Berry Pie3302693
Cooked Rabbit Pie2892668
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink2272329
Shucked Ear of Corn3632244
Cooked Rabbit2042151
Pork Taco801604
Bean Taco1301580
Cactus Fruit1411234
Omelette# +contFoodDish81995
Turkey Drumstick56964
Bowl of Carnitas95959
Cooked Shrimp103930
Wild Garlic158854
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish69844
Cooked Fish45810
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink247777
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish98701
Bowl of Sauerkraut105655
Tortilla Chip148610
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_10479587
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink111565
Chip with Salsa58527
French Fry96493
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum31142470
Cooked Garlic Shrimp49450
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes384437
Bowl of Cooked Beans33397
Bowl of Green Beans185381
French Fry with Ketchup27297
Cooked Peppered Shrimp30274
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart186268
Cooked Mutton with Rub33266
Spoon of Ice Cream28224
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum146334186
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum423336182
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish179179
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum219817170
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14631890
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14811854
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum2198110

Past week
Cooked Mutton Pie873888928
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie431443928
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie217043871
Bowl of Stew314638287
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie251635693
Cooked Mutton418034376
Burdock Root377331741
Wild Onion567631410
Baked Potato252630677
Cooked Rabbit Pie327130498
Cooked Goose198530179
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish172029604
Wild Carrot466929091
Cooked Carrot Pie397728664
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish310228412
Slice of Bread419226215
Bean Burrito159924209
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie148924151
Cooked Berry Pie283223253
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink197720203
Pickling Cucumber375919554
Pork Taco83716855
Shucked Ear of Corn247315354
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish24414678
Cactus Fruit135611661
Cooked Rabbit97710598
Omelette# +contFoodDish7999905
Turkey Drumstick5689779
Bean Taco7258806
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish7258796
Cooked Shrimp7406705
Bowl of Carnitas6196278
Wild Garlic11836209
French Fry11485889
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink18615854
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish7935665
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink9695020
French Fry with Ketchup4484974
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_1038354570
Cooked Fish2474462
Bowl of Sauerkraut7154367
Cooked Mutton with Rub5114146
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum3111823907
Tortilla Chip8513528
Cooked Garlic Shrimp3733386
Chip with Salsa3693347
Bowl of Cooked Beans2623178
Bowl of Green Beans14593134
Cooked Peppered Shrimp3443123
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes24682883
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart14442011
Spoon of Ice Cream1731391
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish13481348
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21981081080
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14631731002
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum219858583
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum4233107539
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum146397485
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum148172244
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum148166198

Past month
Cooked Mutton Pie73414843013
Cooked Rabbit Pie37168400870
Bowl of Stew20725251495
Burdock Root28040225334
Cooked Berry Carrot Pie21604221088
Wild Onion42247216417
Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie10295207668
Cactus Fruit24301197990
Wild Carrot33232196110
Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie12664183174
Slice of Bread28253173348
Cooked Mutton20183169312
Turkey Slice on Plate# +contFoodDish9454162798
Cooked Carrot Pie21932151867
Cooked Berry Pie17274144217
Sliced Pumpkin Pie# +contFoodDish14204129560
Baked Potato10521127062
Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie7702124569
Omelette# +contFoodDish7928118168
Cooked Goose7983118072
Bowl of Turkey Broth# +contFoodDish +drink11243114389
Bean Burrito6913105161
Feast Plate# +contFoodDish155593434
Pickling Cucumber1792793122
Pork Taco363072464
Shucked Ear of Corn1214972427
Cooked Rabbit661264999
Bowl of Gooseberries# +yum312107464886
Turkey Drumstick310553436
Buttered Bread on Clay Plate# +contFoodDish316538110
Mango Slices# +contFoodDish506135920
Bean Taco284134326
Bowl of Carnitas289329402
Wild Garlic543929031
Bowl of Skim Milk# +contFoodDish +drink888428246
French Fry512426140
Cooked Shrimp285025839
Cooked Fish118321388
Bowl of Whole Milk# +contFoodDish +drink391220749
Hot Pepper# +emotEat_29_101702819954
Bowl of Sauerkraut322519239
French Fry with Ketchup169718798
Bowl of Green Beans808817469
Cooked Mutton with Rub215717460
Tortilla Chip353914496
Cooked Garlic Shrimp155914172
Bowl of Cooked Beans115213942
Bunch of Cabernet Grapes1059812117
Chip with Salsa128211637
Cooked Peppered Shrimp120010894
Psilocybe Mushroom# remapStart63238475
Spoon of Ice Cream7145756
Glass of Wine# +alcohol1 +drink +emotEat_6_10 +contFoodDish54395439
Turkey Broth Pouch# +drink +yum21984084095
Turkey Broth Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum21983883890
Snipped Pickling Cucumber# +yum42334502281
Whole Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14633852063
Whole Milk Pouch# +drink +yum14633501751
Skim Milk Bottle# +contFoodDish +drink +yum14813671162
Skim Milk Pouch# +drink +yum1481233702

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