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Recommendedby mattridley
44.8 hours on record
Posted 13 hours agoLast Played 3 hours ago

This is an amazing game that keeps players using their brains and emotions. It is very unique in the way that it brings strangers together. I have seen very few "greifing" players in the world. Most Players have a good demeanor and are so willing to help new players. 10-10 I Like the game so much I bought a copy for my wife and she plays too. Can't wait to see the next update!

Recommendedby Pieterv19
9.8 hours on record
Posted 14 hours agoLast Played 15 hours ago

Amazing game!

I've spent most of my time being either a pie baker or a blacksmith. Teaching other people of the village how to do this your job is a vital part. Without player interaction, your civilization is doomed!

Recommendedby rudeyz
21.9 hours on record
Posted 15 hours agoLast Played 3 hours ago

We need :

1. Server name
2. Character name

and make Red Name for killer

7.2 hours on record
Posted 21 hours agoLast Played 12 hours ago


Recommendedby Piggyman6050
3.0 hours on record
Posted 23 hours agoLast Played 10 hours ago

10000000 out of 10 there is drama and thrill i lived to 59 and made a trail of graves then had my grandson follow me to have him watch me die and drop all of my clothes and it was sad.

Recommendedby wilczkor
6.9 hours on record
Posted 24 hours agoLast Played 8 minutes ago

Just beautiful

Recommendedby Starwall
5.1 hours on record
Posted 24 hours agoLast Played 19 hours ago

It's more than just a survival game, it's an awkwardly realistic, surreal dive into what it means to be family, be a tribe, to be human. No other game has made me feel so connected to strangers in such a short time, that alone is worth the asking price.

Recommendedby Kally
31.1 hours on record
Posted 25 hours agoLast Played 4 hours ago

Always wanted a game where new players are born into the world, people should appreciate that more and be better mothers.

Other than a thesis on why the West is in decline, good game.

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