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Recommendedby espaol
9.7 hours on record
Posted 35 hours agoLast Played 7 hours ago

Not Recommendedby boggers
16.0 hours on record
Posted 37 hours agoLast Played 59 minutes ago

I'm a fan of Jason's other games. Wanted to love this, but this game is not for me. The UI, or lack thereof, seems deliberately clunky - players should struggle against the game, not the interface. This is compounded by lag which is quite bad from Australia. The meta game, ie. conflict between griefers and dictatorships is very punishing for new players. It is not uncommon to be killed for not kno...

Recommendedby MuffinGamys
465.7 hours on record
Posted 2 days agoLast Played 28 hours ago

It's a great game where you have one hour to play one life. Your goal is to build for the future. Make carts, farms, hunt, get sheep, run from bears. There's loads to do and learn. Name your kids and watch your line go on for generations. New content gets added weekly. Try it out. Still playing after 400+ hours so I'd say it's enjoyable ;)

Recommendedby my name is jeff
67.5 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 12 minutes ago

its ya boi

Recommendedby Aria
150.9 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 31 hours ago

Great stuff.
Infant mortality rates are through the roof.

Only wish for an easier way to discover or learn crafting recipes, you basically have to use an external site to figure out how to make anything advanced.

Recommendedby hihhiihhi
6.8 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 3 months ago

Recommendedby Lotus
361.7 hours on record
Posted 3 days agoLast Played 2 hours ago

If you don't buy the game, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, my guy.

Recommendedby great game
16.4 hours on record
Posted 4 days agoLast Played 15 hours ago

i just like you can build civiliation (sorry grammar) and bulid and chose to help or kill.

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