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Not Recommendedby Raye
1.2 hours on record
Posted 23 days agoLast Played 23 days ago

I love the concept of the game, and I do enjoy playing it, but on my Mac the game keeps crashing. I'll make it to adulthood if I'm lucky. It's very difficult to learn how to play when I figure out one thing and then it crashes.
I even tried configuring the frame rate and it still crashes on my Mac after playing the game for about 15 minutes.
Having a computer that's nice and runs well, I don...

Not Recommendedby Mads200200
3.2 hours on record
Posted 25 days agoLast Played 25 days ago

ehh. I cant login, it is saying login failed

Not Recommendedby FeignedSanity
171.4 hours on record
Posted 27 days agoLast Played 20 hours ago

I think this is an amazing game. I've personally absolutely been enamored by it. But I can't recommend it. There's a bit of a griefing problem that needs to be addressed, and I'm not sure it can be fixed. If you have a few friends and want to play on a private server, that's fine. But this isn't what I enjoy about the game. I love meeting complete strangers and being a part of the society until yo...

Not Recommendedby RR
72.5 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 4 hours ago

If you didn't played this game before, I recommend. But if you ever played this on mars, don't play.

Not Recommendedby Snojo
161.7 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 35 hours ago

Was fun at first, but it is repetitive, tired of starting over from eve. Want to learn more advance stuff, like fencing and horse, sheep but there no advance town around alive. Spawn for a whole hours, but found nothing. Only got one hour to live my life. Not worth it, but it quite interesting.

Not Recommendedby Silvses
16.7 hours on record
Posted 29 days agoLast Played 25 days ago

You realise how shallow the game is after playing it for an hour or two and realise that the promises in the trailer is just another marketing lie. The content is lagging behind while the playerbase is dwindling. A second misguided update, 'Riches to Rags', that makes it swerve away from the idea of civilisation building to a simple survival game. The developer seems to have lost track of the road...

Not Recommendedby bd23
6.4 hours on record
Posted 29 days agoLast Played 23 days ago

love the game, but i'm dealing with consistent crashes that make it more annoying than anything.

Not Recommendedby CoeusMaze
80.0 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 30 days ago

I used to recommend this game all along. But recently what happened completely changed my attitude towards this game.

My friend and I built a city in server 13. We have a big house made of stone, a decent house for sheep, stone pillars surrounding wooden path. We have prospering wheat farm, carrot farm and gooseberry farm. Basically all the things you can get from this game.

Then so...

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