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Not Recommendedby Xzion
9.4 hours on record
Posted 12 days agoLast Played 6 days ago

Camera Angling and Movement is janky need to smooth that shit out. I keep spawning in the same fucking mega village. super annoying. Add a New Family Spawn Feature.

Not Recommendedby x
1.2 hours on record
Posted 16 days agoLast Played 16 days ago


Not Recommendedby Eykoo
15.0 hours on record
Posted 18 days agoLast Played 17 days ago

I saw potentiel in the alpha long ago.
Maybe it'll be playable in 2025 ?

Not Recommendedby XercinVex
106.7 hours on record
Posted 19 days agoLast Played 6 days ago

The community has gone to shit, people murdering each other for nothing.

I used to absolutely love this game. thought it was worth every penny. Never know where you will be reborn or what psycho is going to come after you for being the wrong gender or family relation. Will you live and die naked and afraid and alone or will you die surrounded by family and a sprawling village murdered by on...

Not Recommendedby breezeknight
248.7 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 28 days ago

OHOL life is eating, pooping babies, getting stabbed for no reason & being at the mercy of others to heal you ... or not. To become a killer or griefer makes more sense & is valued higher than to contribute constructively.

Not Recommendedby Beavis
84.3 hours on record
Posted 32 days agoLast Played 3 days ago

Greifers are ruining this game. The stabbings are getting bad, and what makes it harder still is you still can't defend yourself even if stabbed. I've been murdered after trying to catch the greifer and because I was wounded first I couldn't finish them off.

Not Recommendedby david
14.8 hours on record
Posted 37 days agoLast Played 34 days ago

Not Recommendedby ralph
23 minutes on record
Posted 39 days agoLast Played 39 days ago

i don't understand how to play, i keep dying of starvation

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