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Not Recommendedby Chicken King
83.4 hours on record
Posted 41 days agoLast Played 5 days ago

This game is a bundle of frustration. Many of these frustrations are justifiable, yet they are frustrating nonetheless. They can be categorized into two subjects: frequent accidents and power balance.

It is all too simple to accidentally do something bad. Some are due to ignorance, such as the all to famous overplucking of carrots. Plucking a milkweed that looks ripe but then suddenly rever...

Not Recommendedby CoeusMaze
80.0 hours on record
Posted 30 days agoLast Played 30 days ago

I used to recommend this game all along. But recently what happened completely changed my attitude towards this game.

My friend and I built a city in server 13. We have a big house made of stone, a decent house for sheep, stone pillars surrounding wooden path. We have prospering wheat farm, carrot farm and gooseberry farm. Basically all the things you can get from this game.

Then so...

Not Recommendedby Aaron
79.9 hours on record
Posted 47 days agoLast Played 24 days ago

At this stage, the gameplay just isn't fun. Not to say the idea isn't interesting, but the implementation means you have to do be extremely lucky to survive your first five minutes, then do the same grind over and over, just to die from loss of connection or being randomly killed by a griefer to end up spawning half a continent away with no connection to your in-game (or real) friends.
For a wh...

Not Recommendedby jdniff
74.9 hours on record
Posted 35 days agoLast Played 31 days ago

I got on after the update and managed to find my old town that me and some friends worked really hard on. I was planning on making some more clothes but when I went over to collect the hundreds of rabbit furs we collected, they all vanished into thing air in front of me. That was a lot of hard work and time. It took hours to gather those resources and now they are all gone. Shame... Jason please r...

Not Recommendedby Bao Cypher
74.7 hours on record
Posted 34 days agoLast Played 18 days ago

For the last couple of weeks, I enjoy playing the game and all of its challenge. It was a very educational and interesting way to see how people interact with each other in a given environment. However, after this update I simply do not enjoy my one hour as much anymore. I do not recommend playing this game as a new player. Unless you never back down from any game challenge, this game is not curre...

Not Recommendedby RR
72.5 hours on record
Posted 28 days agoLast Played 4 hours ago

If you didn't played this game before, I recommend. But if you ever played this on mars, don't play.

Not Recommendedby FABIO
65.5 hours on record
Posted 32 days agoLast Played 32 days ago

impossible to play properly. you get stuck all the time. by the time you grab some food you got stuck so many times that you die of starvation.

Not Recommendedby Endock
63.8 hours on record
Posted 19 days agoLast Played 13 hours ago

The killers and the trolls ruining the game!
The killing people easily thing in this game is really a game killer. Personally I do not recommend this game till such problems get fixed properly.
Apocalypse update sucks.
Please do something about it.

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