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Update: Paved Roads
July 11, 2020


Over the years, a few people have complained about what is shown toward the end of the trailer. When the game shipped, these people were apparently expecting atomic powered robots and monorails.

However, the end of the trailer is supposed to represent a possible future for the game, when I say, "Who knows where we'll end up?"

And that's what these weekly updates are about. Along with improving the core of the game, and fixing problems, I'm also slowly adding more and more advanced technology. There are already hundreds of things in the game that weren't shown in the trailer. Just not robots, yet.

Today, we inch a little bit closer to some of the stuff shown toward the end of the trailer, with the advent of paved roads. But these roads, with the way they are constructed, and with the way the seamlessly connect together with branches and tees and crosses, go far beyond the straight horizontal highway shown in the trailer. Spaghetti junction, here we come.

You can also add elbows and vertical sections to the layout of your sprinkler pipes, allowing you to build more compact fields that are served by a single sprinkler pump.
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